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Twitter Is Freaking Out Over Destiny 2's New Babies

Throughout the entirety of the "Destiny" timeline, players have been mercilessly killing off members of the Fallen. It's easy to justify in-universe, considering they are the enemies in the series, but is there something that could make these creatures a little more sympathetic? For instance, what if they had offspring? And what if those little Fallen guys were super cute?

In a recent trailer for the upcoming "Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer," fans noticed something that may possibly change everyone's outlook on the Fallen as a species. During the video, there's a brief moment where a member of the Fallen has three little bundles of joy cradled within its arm. After this quick shot, you don't see those Fallen babies appear again, which has left fans on social media eager for more.

@TwitterGaming responded to the new trailer by saying, "must protect the baby fallen at all costs," which seems to be the consensus around these mysterious toddlers. One user mistook them for grenades and was immediately won over after realizing what they actually were. Indeed, it may be that fans are so caught off guard that they have instantly "fallen" for these babies.

The newest stars of the Destiny 2 universe

What would fandom be without fan art? The infants are already receiving tons of entries on Twitter. A user named @AstralVeil drew a picture of a father taking aim, his eager child adorably watching from a harness slung over his shoulder. This artist couldn't resist and posted another piece of art, writing, "ok last one with my guardian!" The tweet featured a drawing of a baby Fallen in a Guardian's arm, yelling for "Ether nuggies!"

Fan artist Plain Ben drew a direct comparison between the baby Fallen and Grogu, a.k.a. "Baby Yoda" from "The Mandalorian." This one was impressive enough to get a share directly from Bungie. @mibinfo_ drew a picture of three hatchlings, followed by a drawing with them all lovingly held by an adult. In the comments for this piece of art, Twitter user @Ghostyboi7702 came up with an appropriate name for the newest additions to the "Destiny" universe: "The Smallen."

Things have been a bit rocky for "Destiny 2" for a while now. Earlier this year, a perceived continuity error in a "Destiny 2" quest caused an uproar. When fans invest a lot of time into a franchise, they can be easily disappointed whenever an update is lacking in some way. Judging from the excitement over the little Fallen babies, gamers seem to be mostly eager for "Season of the Splicer." When it launches on May 11, will you protect the babies?