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Why The Latest Destiny 2 Quest Is Causing An Uproar

Destiny 2, like any MMO, needs to keep up with its own continuity, and the staff at Bungie usually passes with flying colors. After players rescued characters like Osiris and Saint-14, other gamers could find them hanging out throughout the universe. And after Cayde-6 died, he was removed from the game. Unfortunately, Bungie dropped the ball with a recent story development, which has the Destiny 2 community up in arms.

The game's latest quest, Ascendant Hunter, starts with the Crow (a.k.a. the resurrected and amnesiac body of Prince Uldren) handing players mods and upgrades from the safety of The Spider's lair — which the Crow cannot leave since he is The Spider's slave. The questline culminates with the death of a Hive Knight known as The High Celebrant. As thanks, The Spider offers players a token of appreciation: one of the many possessions from his horde of trinkets and trophies. The player's character chooses the Crow, and the event ends with him following the player out of The Spider's lair, now a free man. Except, whenever gamers return to talk to The Spider, the Crow waits inside, seemingly unaware of the events that just transpired. Whoops.

This gaffe has infuriated players who suffered through the quest since it messes with established continuity. Gamers expected the Crow to join the rest of the Guardians at the Tower, but he's sticking to his erstwhile master's side. Then again, The Spider made it pretty clear that players are no longer welcome in his home, yet he doesn't stop them from waltzing back in.

While many think Bungie goofed, some believe the Crow is working as intended. One running theory is he is limited by MMO logic and servers. Since the Ascendant Hunter quest is part of the new season, its consequences might not take effect until the next season, which is at least one month away. An alternate theory purports the Crow might not move out of The Spider's lair until enough players have completed the questline and freed him, similar to Saint-14's situation. This might also apply to player relationships with The Spider.

The Crow continuity conundrum is the latest in a line of complaints players have voiced regarding Destiny 2, and Bungie has not explained why the Crow hasn't packed his things. Of course, expect firearms to fly if the Crow finally reaches the Tower, mostly because every other NPC in the game is gunning for him since he killed Cayde-6. Sure, the Crow murdered Cayde before his memory was wiped, but try telling that to Zavala and Ikora Rey.