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The Internet Is Losing It Over Baby Chris Redfield

"Resident Evil Village" has been out for less than a week, but it's already drumming up quite a positive response from both critics and fans of the long-running survival horror franchise. The direct sequel to 2017's "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard" sees protagonist — and guy whose hands are a freaking disaster — Ethan Winters facing off with a veritable cadre of monstrosities, including werewolves, vampires, and whatever the heck Moreau is. But a new and unexpected nightmare seems to be challenging Lady Dimitrescu in the "cute yet terrifying" category. Presenting: Baby Chris Redfield.

Enterprising modder JTegh — who previously made "Resident Evil Village" even creepier by giving swords to Lady D's daughters — created this abomination, swapping out the head of Rose Winters (Ethan and Mia's daughter) for that of the rugged, brooding Chris Redfield. The result is the "Mini Me Chris" mod. It's weird, hilarious, and somehow a little adorable. Since the mod was shared by Twitter user @ultimashadowx, the internet has been having a blast with the bearded bouncing baby boy.

Referring to a popular meme, one Twitter user wrote, "When Chris said 'continue the Redfield bloodline' I didn't realise literal cloning was his next plan." Another user, @DrAggro, compared Baby Chris' disturbing proportions to portraits of babies from the Middle Ages.

Twitter user @abillionandtwo asked the question on everyone's mind: "When is the mod that replaces Chris with Rose?" Yeah — fans will probably pass on that one. Spoiler warning: the game already has its own giant baby, and it ain't cute.

Resident Evil: Village already has some hilarious mods

Like the above mentioned "Swords for Daughters" mod courtesy of JTegh, "Resident Evil: Village" already has tons of super scary mods that somehow make the terrifying game even more nightmarish. That said, it also boasts its fair share of mods that are perfectly silly (although, Baby Chris probably takes the cake).

From a mod that swaps out Ethan's gun for a banana to one that transforms Lady Dimitrescu into a dead-eyed Thomas the Tank Engine-faced Frankensteinian monstrosity, modders are running wild with "Resident Evil: Village" assets. After all, who hasn't had the urge to slaughter a certain purple dinosaur from time to time? Now, you can — legally!

Joke mods have become something of a "Resident Evil" staple. Who could forget that time modder BeastGamingHD added everyone's favorite "Mortal Kombat" hopeful, Shaggy, into the "Resident Evil 2" remake? With such talented modders at the helm, the future of "Resident Evil" modding seems bright. Fingers crossed that the inevitable "Lady Shaggy-trescu" mod arrives sooner rather than later.