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Xbox's New Update Fixes This Annoying Feature

Microsoft has announced that the May update for the Xbox X|S is on its way, and includes some critical fixes for the system's exclusive Quick Resume feature.

When the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5 both arrived in November of 2020, gamers and critics found that the two system's respective technical specifications were pretty evenly matched. Both systems introduced faster load times, support for 4K resolutions, and next-generation features such as ray tracing. Considering that many high-profile releases arrive for both platforms, these similarities weren't entirely unexpected, but this left the newest battle in the console wars without a clear winner.


To help their products stand out to consumers trying to decide which system to upgrade, both companies developed some exclusive capabilities for their new consoles. Sony introduced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for its DualSense controller. Meanwhile, Microsoft promoted its Quick Resume feature, which would allow gamers to shift between titles seamlessly. 

Unfortunately, Series X|S owners on Reddit have felt that Quick Resume has been unreliable at best and nonfunctional at worst. It sounds like Microsoft has heard its customers' complaints and has made some much-needed improvements. Here's how the May update will fix the most annoying feature of the Series X|S.

May Series X|S update includes Quick Resume improvements, tags, and groups

Microsoft's announcement for the May software patch makes it clear that stabilizing and improving the Quick Resume experience is a priority. Quick Resume, Microsoft says, "is getting even better, with improved reliability and faster load times."


The patch will also add a simple identification system to let Series X|S know which games are compatible with the new Xbox Velocity Architecture that makes Quick Resume possible. Those games will receive a specific Quick Resume tag. The update will also add a new group that will show every game that currently has a Quick Resume save active, allowing players to move between active titles without having to search for them. 

This last feature was previously teased on Twitter by Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie in April for Alpha Skip Ahead Insiders, but it will now be available to all Series X|S owners.

Other improvements arriving with the May Series X|S update include a passthrough audio setting for media apps such as Vudu, Disney+, and Apple TV. This new feature, which needs to be manually enabled by Series X|S owners, allows those apps to send their signals directly to gamers' external sound systems for higher quality audio. The update will also include new parental controls for multiplayer access on specific games, new dynamic background choices, and various interface improvements for Xbox Game Pass.