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Sony's New Patent Could Be Slamming The Banhammer

Are you excited for PSVR 2's arrival on the PS5? If so, you'll want to be on your best behavior; not only should you be courteous to others in general, but you could actually be punished for acting inappropriately in virtual reality.


A new patent was recently published by Sony detailing a system that will handle VR users with devious intentions. In the document, the term "griefers" is used to refer to players "who use inappropriate language, gestures, and movements." Further, the patent explains that this type of gamer cannot be dealt with through confrontation, which is why the company is opting for a system of shadowbanning.

According to PCMag, a shadowban limits a user's interactivity without that person being notified of their punishment. As such, an offender may not immediately know they have been restricted in any way.

The proposed system is featured in a diagram alongside several other "units," including "Voice Recognition Unit," "Motion Tracking Unit," and "Gaze Tracking Unit." Because VR allows users to break through the screen's barrier, it makes sense that Sony wants to take extra measures to keep others feeling safe. After all, with greater interaction, there are more opportunities for "griefers" to make others uncomfortable.


Is Sony paving the way for the future of VR?

From the looks of it, Sony is putting a lot of care and attention into the development of its next virtual reality headset. The company is adding a number of interesting features to PSVR 2 that could make it the preferred way to play your favorite VR games. In fact, another PlayStation patent filed earlier this year could have an impact on the future of VR as a whole. If the technology presented in that document comes to fruition, an entirely new level of interactivity will open up to virtual reality users where spectators can join in on the fun. Indeed, the more VR technology advances, the closer this reality could soon resemble the hit movie "Ready Player One" — just maybe with less violence.


If you're eager to jump into the improved world of virtual reality that Sony is creating, you'll have to be patient; according to PlayStation.Blog, the new peripheral won't be out this year. The good news, however, is that if you tend to cause mischief online, the wait will give you plenty of time to practice proper manners. After all, if you plan to cause any kind of discomfort to another player, you may receive appropriate disciplinary action, should this new system be implemented. Regardless, being courteous to your fellow players is always the best course of action.