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xQc Puts Cheating Streamers On Blast

Video games aren't the only things streamers can cheat at. "Schooled," a new quiz show from gaming org One True King (OTK), apparently attracts its fair share of cheaters, too. At least, that's what the onlookers seem to think — including xQc.


A Reddit post in LivestreamFail accused streamer QTCinderella of cheating on "Schooled," saying she may have picked her responses from her Twitch chat. Most notably, commenters called her out for changing her answer from Greece to Olympia for the question, "In what city did the first Olympics games take place?" Her Twitch chat spammed "NAY" while she reconsidered her answer, which she eventually changed. Based on the video, it's unclear if she changed her answer based on the responses from chat, or if she already doubted her original answer for different reasons.

Ludwig Ahgren has defended his girlfriend, saying that she wasn't cheating. Ahgren also remarked that he wouldn't be going on a show like "Schooled," because he wants to avoid similar undeserved accusations. 


xQc, who is something of a controversial figure himself, has responded to Ludwig's defense of QTCinderella.

OTK Schooled drama doesn't end there

On his own stream, xQc talked about the supposed cheating, calling out the act of cheating as a "black and white" issue. The streamer emphasized that he wasn't trying to insult Ludwig, but he agreed that Twitch chat counts as cheating.


"Either you cheat or you don't cheat," said xQc. "Whether you cheat a little bit with chat, or a little bit with emotes... you're all in[.]" He also explained that he doesn't leave his monitor open during "Among Us" streams because he doesn't want to deal with similar accusations.

xQc is only one of the few to comment on the cheating controversies this week. OTK launched "Schooled" only a couple of weeks ago, and the series has only released three episodes. However, streamer cheating scandals quickly arose after Kaceytron admitted to cheating in the third episode. This has naturally led to accusations against other quiz show contestants, including QTCinderella.

Mizkif, OTK co-founder and Schooled's host, hasn't commented on the accusations against QTCinderella. However, he has acknowledged the existence of a cheating problem. Just last week, he ranted on stream about "pathetic" cheaters "stealing money" from him. He emphasized that it wasn't about the money, but that the cheating undermines the hours of hard work that he and his team put into "Schooled." 


After Kaceytron posted her apology, he responded, "I knew stoners were f***ing idiots all along." Miz, while passionate about his project, might have to tweak the rules to prevent any more possible cheaters from ruining the fun.