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Bowser's Fury 2: When Will We Get A Sequel?

"Super Mario 3D World" was released on the Switch with a bonus open-world Mario game that blends classic elements with modern gameplay. The result was "Bowser's Fury," a co-op game that shakes up the franchise's established formula. The critically acclaimed "Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury" has been considered to be one of the best Nintendo Switch Exclusives of 2021. Not only did you get to enjoy the Wii U classic once again, but the new game is a fun add-on that gives you a little extra bang for your buck.


But what if you've already found all of the Cat Shines in "Bowser's Fury" and you need something to scratch that itch? For now, you may want to try your hand at some mods that crank up the difficulty, but after you've thrown in the towel, what's next? Did you enjoy the game enough that you're dying to play a sequel? If you're wondering when "Bowser's Fury 2" will come out, here is what you need to know.

Is Bowser's Fury a sequel in and of itself?

There are currently no confirmed plans for a sequel to "Bowser's Fury," nor are there any official announcements for other Mario sequels.

Many fans have expressed a desire for "Super Mario Sunshine 2" and "Super Mario Odyssey 2." However, an argument can be made that "Bowser's Fury" is actually kind of a sequel to one of these games. Writing for CBR, Abram Buehner called it an "Odyssey successor," pointing out that its open-world design made it genetically similar to Mario's debut Switch game. Jason Rochli of Game Rant also saw "Bowser's Fury" as a demonstration that Nintendo could produce a "Super Mario Odyssey 2."


In other words, although there are no current plans for "Bowser's Fury 2," this is a game that could lead to the next evolution in the "Super Mario" series. On Destructoid, Chris Carter called it "an experiment," and "almost like the blueprint for a new full open world Mario adventure." Jhaan Elker of The Washington Post had a similar outlook, describing it as "a testing ground for the next '3D World.'"

If "Bowser's Fury" is more of an experiment or a quasi-sequel to another Mario game, it's possible that gamers may not see a follow-up title in the strictest sense. However, it's a safe bet that future Mario games will carry on some of the elements of this beloved Switch title.