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How Many Charms Are There In Hollow Knight?

"Hollow Knight" is a Metroidvania game with simple controls and inviting visuals that disguise what a surprisingly complex game it really is. The journey requires that players have to do more than simply survive its infected underground world. Players must also master how to properly explore and map out every nook and cranny.

While the game doesn't necessarily have a super steep learning curve, thanks to its intuitive combat and platforming mechanics, the sheer variety of enemies and vastness of the map can make the "Hollow Knight" intimidating. However, a helpful Charm system is available to help players find an easier way to navigate the game's bug kingdom. Some of those Charms can point players towards essential points on the map, while others can be combined to create devastating attacks.

The number of creative Charms and their innovative uses can be a bit overwhelming, especially because only so many can be slotted for use at one time (depending on the player's current number of Charm Notches). Here is how many Charms players can expect to find in "Hollow Knight," and some tips on where to look for them.

There over 40 different charms found in Hollow Knight

As dedicated fans on Reddit have discovered, there are more than 40 different Charms waiting for players, although players can only hold a maximum 40 at any one time. This is a result of the fact that five of the Charms in the game actually serve as upgrades for pre-existing items, and will replace the lesser version when picked up.

Players should be on the lookout for Charms that boost combat effectiveness, such as Quickslash and Mark of Pride, which increase attack speed and range. Also valuable are Charms like Unbreakable Heart, which delivers a health boost, and Hiveblood, which allows players to heal without using their soul resources. "Hollow Knight" fans should also keep their eyes open for pickups like Wayward Compass and Grimmchild, which add indispensable info to their map.

These Charms can be found throughout the game, often found tucked away in different hidden areas or as a reward for completing specific tasks. However, some of them, including the Wayward Compass, are purchasable from Iselda, the mapmaker's wife. Grabbing these Charms can make early progression much more manageable, and are well worth their costs.

Players should also be aware of the other collectible items related to Charms – Charm Notches. These represent the slots that players have available to plug in different active charms, and while players only start with three, they can collect a total of 11 throughout "Hollow Knight."