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Dr Disrespect's Rant Got YouTube's Attention

Dr Disrespect isn't one to mince words when he's displeased. In the past, the Two Time World Champion and superstar YouTube Gaming streamer has slammed everything from "Warzone" updates to The New York Times. More recently, the Doc let fly with a rant about the very streaming platform he calls home — and the results were surprising.


While playing "Call of Duty: Warzone" during a May 19 stream, the Doc's partner ZLaner asked if he could pull a clip of a particularly exciting play. The Doc shut this down by replying, "You can't do anything on YouTube."

Dr Disrespect proceeded to explain the ways in which YouTube Gaming is seemingly years behind the capabilities of the competition. He remarked, "[YouTube is] very underdeveloped for live streaming ... The big announcement recently was, like, the chat can be subscriber-only chat. I mean, that's an idea from 1999. What are we getting excited about, man?"

ZLaner expressed surprise at this, but also noted that YouTube does not have a method for gifting subscriptions to streamers. While the Doc may be frustrated by his lack of options, particularly when compared to his former platform of Twitch, it seems that his rant may not have been in vain.


YouTube responds to Dr Disrespect

A few days after the Doc's frustrated stream, Dr Disrespect's community moderator posted a video of the Doc's call for a "clip feature" for YouTube streamers. In the clip, Dr Disrespect implored "Fwiz" to consider adding something like that to the platform. "Fwize is the screen name for YouTube Gaming head Ryan Wyatt, and the mod subsequently tagged Wyatt in the caption for this video.


Wyatt responded to the callout in a positive manner. "[L]ove it. Good feedback, @drdisrespect," Wyatt replied. "We're in the lab working on some things that I think the 2x will like."

Seemingly encouraged by this news, the Doc proposed a meeting of the minds. He tweeted, "Sit in a room with me for an hour, your whole platform would be taken to the next level for life." Wyatt responded in kind, offering to set up a meeting and tweeting a gif of the Doc fixing up his hair.

While it's unclear what this exactly exchange could lead to in the future, it's encouraging for fans and streamers to see that YouTube Gaming is keeping an ear out for constructive criticism. In fact, several viewers took this interaction as a cue to weigh in with their own feature wish lists in the replies. Maybe the Doc will get his wish of a clip feature sooner than he expected.