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Why Dr Disrespect Thinks Warzone Should Start From Scratch

Dr Disrespect mostly attracts audiences with his entertaining yet controversial online persona. However, he also has the skill and game design skill to back up his cocky attitude. He also has the professional credentials to know what he's talking about in terms of design, since he worked as a map designer for "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare." So, when Doc recently shared that he thought "Call of Duty: Warzone" was in need of a revamp, it came from a place of experience.


Doc suggested that "Warzone" might have a hard time keeping up with other battle royales because of how the game's engine compares to competitors. Infinity Ward and Treyarch invented the IW engine specifically for the "Call of Duty" series. An Infinity Ward engineer previously told Game Informer that the dev team had upped the engine's capabilities for realistic lighting and sceneries, but the improvements don't seem to meet the Doc's expectations.

Naturally, other battle royales don't use the same engine as "Warzone." For instance, "Fortnite" and "PUBG" use Epic Games' widely acclaimed Unreal Engine. Meanwhile, "Apex Legends" uses Valve's Source engine. Doc claims that these engines enable the game's competitors to speed ahead in terms of possibilities.


Wait, what's wrong with the engine?

As the Doc explained on stream, "Warzone" can occasionally feel dated because the game's engine was designed for older titles, and the result is that "Warzone" just doesn't measure up for him. He said, "The other engines that are out there, and how they're designed, and how efficient they are ... there's just so many benefits, right? They make the whole process so much easier and streamlined."


However, replacing the engine would require essentially rebuilding "Warzone" from scratch. So it's unlikely that Activision will take this advice to heart. And luckily, doesn't seem like the Doc plans on stopping "Warzone" anytime soon, anyway.

Of course, Doc has had a history of ups and downs with "Warzone." Back in March 2020, he claimed that he liked the game because it was the "funnest BR out there." He even said that he would continue playing it over "Apex Legends." Doc banished the game from his PC after a particularly frustrating solo experience before picking it up again, so it's not totally unfeasible to think he'll stick around, despite the game's faults.