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Neekolul's TikTok Reveals Toxic Messages

Streamers have been sourcing a new type of content lately — unban requests. For those who are banned from a channel's chat, Twitch offers a way to become unbanned via unban requests. This was a feature added to Twitch in September 2020. While people weren't exactly happy with the feature at the time, it's become a way for streamers to show just how you shouldn't act in a Twitch stream. Pokimane did it in March, and now Neekolul has streamed her own unban requests.


100 Thieves, the group that Neekolul is a part of, shared a clip on TikTok of her stream where she's showing the toxic messages people were banned for. She also shared their excuses, most of which she deemed worthy enough to unban.

Every user that was shown in the short clip was banned because of comments that were toxic and sexual. While the comments were gross and disturbing, the unban requests were almost just as bad, as some users just didn't seem to understand the problem.

Neekolul ultimately unbanned several users

The unban requests were pretty different, especially when it comes to the idea of taking responsibility. One request earned several laughs from both Neekolul and the 100 Thieves TikTok account: "sorry, was a moment of weakness." This user clearly knew something was wrong and tried to excuse the behavior. 


Another user — who was banned for a much worse comment — tried placing the blame on the chat: "I was just trying to be funny. To be fair other people were saying the same thing so I was just going with the flow but I won't talk like that again if I am unbanned, Thank youz!" While chats can get out of hand quickly, this isn't taking responsibility for the toxic comment. However, Neekolul decided to "let it slide," giving the user another chance to interact in chat.

While toxic comments and behaviors aren't new to the gaming community, putting them on blast for viewers to see is one way to dissuade people from posting nasty comments. However, trolls will be trolls, and streamers will more than likely never escape toxicity. 


This isn't the only way the gaming industry is seemingly cracking down on toxic behavior. Games like "League of Legends" have come down hard on toxic players, and even big names like T-Pain have called out toxic gamers. While games like "Fortnite" and "Call of Duty" are known for being the most toxic multiplayer games, gamers and streamers alike aren't anywhere close to removing toxic players from their lobbies.