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Ninja Reveals It's Not Easy To Be Him

While small-time streamers may dream of the spotlight, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins reveals that it's not all fun and games. In his most recent Q&A, the streaming star opened up about the drawbacks to fame after a viewer asked him how it feels to be famous. Ninja, to the chat's surprise, quickly replied, "Not good."

Ninja laughed off a joke about "cry[ing] in a Tesla," but he backed up his claim by saying that money "can't buy happiness," even though it can buy things that make people happy. To be fair, it probably isn't easy dealing with the media's constant attention and people picking fights with him all the time. However, Ninja said that the biggest issue isn't about the drama but how fame affects his personal life.  

The streamer highlighted the unfortunate reality that fame distances him from family and friends and makes it difficult to trust others who might only be interested in him for the benefits. Money in particular complicates his relationships. "And then you have that money: Guess what? Now you don't know who to trust," Ninja said. "Who's your real friends? Who's your real family?"

He also claimed that others often guilt-trip him for his success. "People come out of nowhere asking for money all the time," he explained. "If you say no, you're a piece of s**t, you're the worst, and they make you feel like a piece of s**t. How dare you?"

Fame sucks but not that much

Ninja emphasized that he wasn't fishing for sympathy with his response but genuinely trying to answer the question. "I don't want sympathy here. I'm just stating facts, okay?" the streamer said. "This is what happens. It sucks."

He ended the video by clarifying that he's thankful for his success and the privilege he has despite the downsides. Other streamers in similar situations don't necessarily have the same support. Ninja stated that he's "blessed," though it doesn't always feel that way when there's "so many bad things going on."

Ninja has been at the center of multiple controversies, including raging during games and rubbing people the wrong way with what they see as an overinflated ego. Though he claims being famous isn't as great as it seems on the outside, he also apparently flaunted his wealth after recently returning to "Fortnite." So, despite any drawbacks to the fame, the streamer seems to be making the most of it.