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The Whole Amiibo Situation For Skyward Sword Is Getting Out Of Hand

What happens when you mix video game paywalls, physical objects, and scalpers? You get the "Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD" disaster that's happening right now. Nintendo announced that fast travel in the new remake of "Skyward Sword" would only be available with a specific amiibo. It's almost predictable what's happening now — scalpers took over, and the cost of the amiibo has skyrocketed.


While the game doesn't release until July 16, the amiibo was released for pre-order at $25. However, it's been quite difficult for people to get their hands on. The amiibo was listed on several sites like GameStop and Target, but the pre-orders sold out. Now, the only way to get one of the amiibo figures is to check out resell sites like eBay — and the prices are through the roof. Just taking a quick glance at eBay will show you prices ranging up to $100 to secure a pre-ordered amiibo. 

Scalpers have been a disease to the gaming industry lately, as Twitter user @Winged_Lyon noted, and this isn't the first time Nintendo has had a run-in with the problematic resellers.

People are upset with Nintendo for a variety of reasons

It was already upsetting for many fans that a fast travel feature was locked behind a paywall, especially an amiibo that's already more expensive than most other amiibos. To buy the game and amiibo for fast travel, one would be out $85. 


Twitter user @S2Impact described the frustration with the situation like this: "Really wanted the Zelda and Loftwing Amiibo ... But of course the scalpers got 'em all, especially since it's a paywall feature withheld from a decade old game at full price. We really let Nintendo get away with anything huh lol." Another user likened the situation to the quickly sold-out "Animal Crossing" amiibo cards that were necessary to unlock several "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" characters and furniture pieces.

While Nintendo was busy solving some problems for the "Skyward Sword" remaster, it created even more — it (probably) wasn't intentional, but it's definitely become a stumbling block for people who want to experience the full game on release. Considering how popular with fans the remake already is, hopefully the company will be able to find a solution for the amiibo problem as well. 


We can all hope that the upcoming Switch model won't run into the same situation as everything else in the industry right now.