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Disguised Toast's Transformation Is Turning Heads

Disguised Toast has a new look and the internet is speechless. Toast debuted his fresh undercut on the recent Offline TV hot tub stream, where he celebrated Pokimane's birthday by wearing an open Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, and silicone abs. Since then, fans and fellow streamers have continued to go wild for Toast's new look. While Toast hasn't specifically commented on his process in attaining this style,  he's seemingly transformed from adorable younger brother to internet playboy. Clearly, Toast is in on the fun, posting TikToks and pictures of himself with playful captions.

On Twitter, Toast posted a picture of him with his finger to his lips, the caption reading "Feeling kinda sus." Fellow streamers flocked to the post to support their friend. Corpse Husband sent a small "hey" to Toast, while 100 Thieves co-owner Jack Dunlop got added another "Among Us" reference, writing, "I'd vote you out any day, daddy." Fuslie, another 100 Thieves content creator, complimented Toast's hair and earring. Generally, fans seemed impressed by Toast's new haircut, along with his temporary tattoos and singular earring. 

It appears as though Toast's glow-up simply involved changing up his personal style. Apparently all he had to do was take a break from streaming "Among Us" and he suddenly became a whole new man.

Disguised Toast's glow-up

Toast reacted to thirsty comments on his TikToks on stream, cringing each time he viewed a video featuring himself. Despite his glamorous new look, Toast is still the same shy, sweet streamer he always was. It's amazing to think that just a few years ago, Disguised Toast truly leaned into a "disguise," never showing his face on stream. Toast went from never speaking on stream to fully embracing his hotness, and the internet clearly couldn't be more proud of him.

For instance, Toast recently tweeted a picture of himself modeling his new look, along with the caption "Give them a reason to simp." Of course, the picture elicited responses from fellow streamers like the record-breaking Ludwig, who said, "Bro ur hot." Other fans simply tweeted their support by posting fancams of their favorite streamer.

While Toast is proud of his new look, he's still getting used to the new haircut. During a recent stream, he tried out various outfits on camera, even donning a leather jacket at fans' request. "It doesn't fit my persona," Toast mused. "This is something I'd wear in high school to look cool." 

Even though Toast may feel a bit conflicted about his own look, the fans have spoken. The internet has a new boyfriend, and it's Disguised Toast.