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The Real Reason Pokimane Wouldn't Date A Streamer

When it comes to a streamer's love life, things can get rather complicated. As a famous personality who spends a lot of time broadcasting in front of a live audience, it's not only challenging to find time for romance, but it can also be difficult to connect on an intimate level. Do you date someone who's also a famous streamer? Do you date a person who is as far removed from the limelight as possible? Twitch personality Pokimane has a few thoughts on the matter.

In a podcast hosted by Mizkif and Pokimane, the two were engaged in a conversation about how she would spend her summer, which led to a broader conversation about her love life. She began asking a question, then quickly retracted, but Mizkif elaborated on what she was going to ask, saying "Who do I think that you would pair well with?" She responded that it was "weird" asking him since he only knows streamers, which opened the door to a bigger question: Is Pokimane against dating fellow streamers?

Not exactly. After Mizkif specifically asked if she would date "a big streamer," she didn't say "yes," but she also didn't say "no." Following some hesitation, she gave the elusive "it depends" response, which is the equivalent of an "it's complicated" relationship status. Apparently, it's not so much the career that matters as it is the other person's personality traits, but since Mizkif indicated that most big streamers he knows are "rich narcissists," the choice of potential partners is slim.

What is Pokimane looking for in a partner?

While Pokimane didn't write a streamer pairing off entirely, she didn't think it was likely, either. She explained that the qualities she's after are "social experience" and "high EQ," meaning emotional intelligence (via YouTube and HelpGuide). Because of this, she thought it was unlikely that she would be able to date anyone who was all about streaming. She also told Mizkif that in her experience, those who are constantly streaming tend to be deficient in the qualities she's looking for. Pokimane did admit that "it's the same for, kind of, any job, if someone is just working constantly and their work overtakes their life." So, while it appears she's not entirely opposed to dating a streamer, the person would likely have to be the exception and not the rule.

The subject of her love life is a hot topic for many of her followers. After Pokimane revealed that she's single, she told her fans she wasn't interested in changing that anytime soon (via Twitter). This was only a couple of months ago, and her conversation with Mizkif might lead some to believe that perhaps she's since changed her mind.

Whatever the case may be, it doesn't sound like she's too interested in her audience's desire to know more about her dating life. She even recently got right to the point during a Q&A by immediately announcing that she was single in an effort to keep those questions at bay (via YouTube). Preferring to keep her private life exactly that, if she does wind up dating another streamer, it's likely to be kept under wraps.