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The Truth Behind These Streamer Relationships

Streaming can be a very solitary endeavor. While streamers often go live in groups, it's quite common to see a single personality representing a channel. Even though a host is playing games for thousands upon thousands of fans or more, it can be lonely in front of that screen for so many hours a day. Although it may seem like a dream job for many, some streamers have admitted they wanted to quit, while others have retired or taken lengthy breaks from content creation.


Of course, being a star on Twitch doesn't mean you can't also have a social life. Far from it, in fact. While many streamers try to keep their personal info off their streams (to varying degrees of success), there are others who are quite open about their intimate business, such as their dating lives. If you're interested to know more about the relationships of some of your favorite streamers, read on.

Mizkif and Maya's romance

Today's streamers are the newest generation of celebrities, and there's plenty of gossip that comes along with that status. Fans often watch these personalities and keep up with the latest news to see who's dating who. 


Because of this, Twitch streamer Mizkif was able to title a YouTube video "Mizkif & Maya's Big Announcement" when making their relationship public. After Maya confidently told the Twitch audience "we're dating," the chat blew up. One YouTube viewer wrote, "Idk why, but seeing them together and knowing they're finally a thing makes me so happy."

While Mizkif may have been uncomfortable making the announcement, he's certainly grown more relaxed with their relationship being out in the open. In July 2020, the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary, as seen in a photo on Maya's Instagram. Mizkif has even watched and reacted to a video podcast in front of his audience in which Maya offered listeners insight into his romantic gestures. While he jokingly freaked out in response, he later settled in his seat and said, "I'm such a good boyfriend."


Ninja and Jessica Blevins

Could there be a more perfect marriage proposal than one surrounded by puppies? In front of a Christmas tree rife with presents, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins proposed to Jessica Goch, and she said yes. The two have been married ever since.


Ninja and Jessica Blevins' relationship goes back to 2010, when the two participated in a Halo tournament. Since entering his life, Blevins has not only been a loving partner but a key player in Ninja's brand. In an interview with Forbes, she discussed some of her responsibilities as his business manager, including holding regular phone calls with publicists and lawyers, managing contracts, and seeking out beneficial opportunities.

Blevins stays quite busy managing her husband's career. In her discussion with Forbes, she admitted that their "personal life sometimes takes a backseat." However, they do try to dedicate time to their relationship each evening, as well as on days off.

When she's not preoccupied with work or her husband, Blevins makes videos. She is quite successful in her own right, with a strong YouTube and Twitch presence, where she creates cooking and gaming content for her fans.


TimTheTatman's wife, Alexis

TimTheTatman met his wife, Alexis, in high school, and they had been dating on and off ever since. After reconnecting out of high school, TimTheTatman proposed after just a few months of being back together. However, TimTheTatman's adoring audience didn't get officially introduced to Alexis until after he has already popped the question. He revealed his then-fiancee to his audience after she said yes, and his viewers were ecstatic to meet her.


After recounting their history, TimTheTatman casually said that their relationship "just felt right, you know? Just felt right, boys." This, of course, wasn't the only major life announcement he made live for all his fans.

During a stream on Twitch, he played a video his wife recorded where he opened his anniversary present. Inside was a baby shirt, and the perplexed streamer was soon overcome with joy to learn that his family would be gaining a new member. TimTheTatman not only married his high school sweetheart, but the two had a child together.

Adept and xQc: just roommates?

You may know the controversial streamer xQc for some of his shadiest moments, but you may be wondering what his home life is like? Well, for one, he is roommates with fellow streamer Adept, but fans have often wondered if there is something more to their relationship than friendly cohabitation?


Many fans have been convinced that the two are an item. On Reddit, one user asked the community if they were dating, and the responses were mixed. One Redditor in the thread referenced a video where the two allegedly kissed off-camera, whereas another fan cited a time when xQc asked Adept out and she rejected him. "Just roommates" became something of a recurring comment within the community. However, a 2020 podcast appearance revealed that what the fans suspected was true. 

In an episode of Housewives of Twitch titled "The Best Boyfriend," Adept appeared with some of her peers to discuss boyfriends. In a conversation about Valentine's Day, Twitch streamer Macaiyla asked what Felix (xQc) typically does for the romantic holiday. Adept responded that he did nothing for Valentine's Day, but that they used to do "random, spontaneous dates." After that, she described what they did when they first started dating, seemingly confirming the rumor to be true, once and for all.


Hafu and dogdog are engaged

After you've landed your dream job, what's next on the list for achieving a fulfilling life? Finding a partner to go on the journey with you, perhaps? For Rumay Wang, a.k.a. "Hafu," everything seems to be working out that way.


Hafu made the daring decision to leave college in pursuit of a streaming career — much to the surprise of her parents — and it worked out. She has amassed over 1 million followers and plays a variety of games, including Among Us. Things got even better for Hafu when she became engaged to competitive Hearthstone player and streamer dogdog.

In late 2019, she posted a photo of her engagement ring on Twitter with the caption, "Couldn't ask for a better ending to this year! Engaged to the love of my life." Fans of the streamer were ecstatic over the news, sending their congratulations to the happy couple in the comments.

LilyPichu's boyfriend, Michael Reeves

Some streamers prefer to keep their private lives offline, while others are more than happy to let their viewers in. Take LilyPichu and YouTuber Michael Reeves of OfflineTV, for instance. When the two started dating in 2020, LilyPichu made a video announcement and posted it on her channel.


The footage showed the pair on a trip together for a Crunchyroll awards ceremony. Viewers in the comments seemed to be excited by the video, with some fans mentioning that it's sweet to see how much Reeves wants to hold LilyPichu's hand. Unfortunately, there are always those on the internet looking to spoil a good thing.

On Twitter, LilyPichu shared that she was harassed by trolls who claimed that she was cheating on Reeves. She called the accusations "gross and out of line and disappointing to read." She elaborated that she was especially disturbed because cheating on a partner is a sensitive subject to her. 

In the end, the trolls didn't win. She and Reeves seem to be as happy as ever, as evidenced by a cute Valentine's tweet where they appeared to have drawn each other.


A TopNotch romance

Dating someone you love and care about is one of the best feelings in the world. For a streamer, it's only made better when the fans show overwhelming support.

AnneMunition is an FPS/battle royale gaming expert whose skills earned her an exclusivity deal with Twitch. With nearly 650K followers, she's become quite popular, though it's not just her gaming prowess that keeps her viewer count growing. Her personality has also cultivated a network of positivity, which showed after she shared a picture on Twitter with her girlfriend — streamer and gaming coach TopNotchFromage. Although they had been dating for more than a year, this was the first time she made their relationship public. 


After sharing the photo, her fans couldn't have been happier for the couple. One user replied, "Thats so awesome! [Y]ou two look really happy, here's to many more years with Anne and the Big Cheese" Another wrote, "My heart is so full and happy."

PewDiePie and Marzia Bisognin

PewDiePie and Marzia Bisognin's relationship dates back to around 2011, though the two were officially married in 2019. They are so close that even spending a few weeks away from each other following PewDiePie's break from YouTube was difficult for the couple.


Of course, Bisognin is known for more than just being PewDiePie's wife. Not only was she also a YouTuber until 2018, but she has since remained busy in the fields of voice acting, fashion, and beauty, and she has even authored a book. Indeed, she has a long list of her own accomplishments, and with her pottery business and the couple's clothing line, she's also a savvy businessperson.

Considering that this power couple has been together for a decade, it makes sense that when you look at Bisognin's Instagram, you'll find PewDiePie featured in many of her pictures — including shots of his surprising physical transformation over the last couple of years.