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The Real Reason Echo Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Overwatch

Matthew "Super" DeLisi, a professional 'Overwatch' League player for San Fransisco Shock, recently flew into a rage on stream about "Overwatch" character Echo, lodging a complaint against the game that is becoming more common. Super exclaimed that she was the "worst thing to happen to 'Overwatch'" after he watched a replay of his team's match against Dallas Fuel, during which the enemy Echo helped unleash five of D.Va's Self-Destruct ultimate attacks in a row.

"This s*** is the worst thing to happen to Overwatch," he said in response to the replay. "This s*** is f***ed up. It is not fun. It is not skill. It is f***ing bullsh*t."

Echo, a highly advanced robot based off of her creator Mina Liao, rounded out the 32-character roster as the game's last hero — and maybe one of the most OP ones. Fans already predicted that she would be an overpowered character because of her Duplicate ultimate, which lets her copy any character's ultimate ability. For instance, Blizzard Watch said her design seemed to involve "too much power, not enough thought," mainly because of how she can essentially turn an enemy's team against them. One Redditor claimed that her "burst potential is almost too good" and that she can nearly instakill enemies unfairly during a fight. In other words, Super isn't entirely alone in his frustrations.

Is Echo actually the worst?

In an effort to appease fans and balance the game, Blizzard actually nerfed Echo's Tri-Shot ability back in January 2021. However, that didn't seem to significantly dock her deadliness. Super alleged that Echo's ability to copy D.Va's ult and use it multiple times in a row made it possible for players to spam it without much skill and still rack up damage. So, while it's not illegal, it is pretty cheap. According to Dexerto, Self-Destruct is the highest damage ultimate in the game with up to 1000 damage at close range. D.Va bombs have a particularly  large area of effect, so players can use them for a number of strategies involving zoning, controlling an area, or hitting multiple enemies at once. 

Super compared the lack of skill needed to pull off Echo's ultimate to hoping an attack lands rather than purposefully executing it. "It's like you're playing to get lucky! I'm going to have to call in my friend Dream over here!" he said. Super's mention of Dream is a reference to the "Minecraft" streamer's recent speedrun cheating scandal. Although Dream claimed to have gotten very lucky during his speedrun, it has been revealed that he used a number of cheats to complete the run.

Super, who plays main tank for San Fransisco Shock, will likely need adjust his role on the team for "Overwatch 2" when it makes the change from 6v6 to 5v5 teams. Maybe the supposedly overpowered Echo will receive a few adjustments for the sequel, as well.