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The Real Reason Pokimane Won't Return To The OfflineTV House

It's not unusual for well-known streamers to live together, and one of the most notable examples of this kind of co-habitation is the OfflineTV house. Living with other content creators has its benefits, but some streamers still choose to branch off and live on their own. Now, despite toying with the idea of moving back in to the home she previously shared with fellow members of OfflineTV, Pokimane has decided to fly solo for a while. During a recent stream with Mizkif, popular streamer Pokimane announced some details about her new living situation and why she didn't want to go back to the OTV house.


Up until the lease ended, Pokimane had been living with fellow content creators Valkyrae, xChocoBars, and starsmitten. Due to security concerns and each housemates' desire to do their own thing, the content creators decided not to renew the lease.

Though she had previously left the OfflineTV house following issues with former OTV member Fedmyster, Pokimane told her viewers in March that she may be rethinking that career move. At the time, Pokimane explained, "I kind of want to try living alone, maybe. But also, I think I'm just gonna get really lonely and be sad, so ... So I'm just like, f**k it, why not just live with OTV again?"

Pokimane has since changed course, expressing her desire to just be on her own for a little while. To that end, she has signed a six-month lease on an apartment by herself, something that Mizkif had a lot to say about.


Pokimane's thoughts on living alone

Pokimane listed several reasons for wanting to live alone. For starters, she just wants to have the freedom to do what she wants, which she says is "[playing] 'Valorant' for 12 hours" and not leaving her room. And honestly, who could blame her?


Mizkif, being the joker that he is, told Pokimane that she never leaves her room anyway. To this, Pokimane doubled down and said that she's tired of going out and doesn't want people to bother her. 

Because Pokimane's been so active socially, Mizkif had a few concerns about her becoming lonely or falling into depression. Pokimane pointed out that she'll still have constant opportunities to be around OTV and other friends in the area, so she doesn't worry about it too much. Plus, she said this is only a trial run, since her new lease is only six months long.

Pokimane explained that being in LA would be huge for her mental health while she's living alone. She's lived alone before, as she mentioned, and hated it. However, she previously didn't have any friends near her like she does now. Even with this move, she'll have her favorite people a short drive away,  so she doesn't think living alone will be too difficult this time.