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Why xQc Is Fine With His Latest Ban

xQc, yet again, has received another ban. Adding to the list of previous suspensions from Twitch to Twitter, he's been banned from the NoPixel "GTA" server — once more. However, this might be the last time he's ejected from NoPixel, and he seems to be okay with it.

xQc received his fourth ban from NoPixel admins back in mid-April. After just over a month and a half, the streamer appears to have received his fifth ban from the server. The exclusive "GTA" roleplay server has many specific rules, which xQc has a record of breaking more than once.

As reported by Dexerto, xQc received his most recent ban after a confrontation with veteran "GTA" roleplayers MOONMOON and Penta. xQc "tapped" them and, in frustration, MOONMOON and Penta broke character and talked trash about him on their own streams. According to xQc, the two players apparently expressed that they wished xQc would quit roleplaying. Penta claimed that he'd report xQc if it weren't for "juicers" — a.k.a xQc's rabid fanbase. However, xQc didn't see that as any excuse.

"You're not not reporting because the juicers are going to be on you. You're not going to report because you have no case," xQc said on stream. He then called being afraid of juicers as a "cop-out" reason to not report him. However, at the close of his stream, xQc reiterated that he was "not that mad" and just wanted to move on.

xQc accepts his fate, even if his fans don't

To be fair, xQc accepted that he probably deserved this ban and that he probably should've been permabanned long ago. "It's why I'm not even mad because it's just kind of the reality here ... I should have been banned before," the former "Overwatch" pro admitted.

Fans claim that xQc didn't deserve the ban because of how Penta and others "bullied" him, but others pointed out that the number of times he broke the rules deserved some kind of punishment. Dexerto reported that MOONMOON apologized for his actions against xQc, although he expressed his wish that xQc would refrain from breaking character so often on the roleplaying server.

This isn't the first time xQc has called it quits on "GTA" roleplay. The last time he was on thin ice with the NoPixel server, he said that he was "done with all of it." However, he ended up enthusiastically returning after admins invited him back to the server. In other words, there's always a possibility of xQc trying "GTA" RP again under certain circumstances.