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Fortnite's Alien Mystery Keeps Getting Weirder

As fans gear up for the battle royale's all new season, everything seems to be falling into place for a UFO invasion to hit "Fortnite" servers. However, the mystery surrounding recent UFO abductions in "Fortnite" has taken on a new wrinkle: some players and content creators have begun receiving mysterious postcards with a real-life, unidentified phone number printed on them.

Over on Twitter, a "Fortnite” player called @Lacweal shared images of the black and green postcards they received, noting that the number printed on them used a New Mexico area code. The player specifically observed that the area code seemed to originate from Roswell, New Mexico, which some believe to be the place where aliens crash-landed in the 1940s. It is also near the real-life location of the highly classified military base Area 51.

Lacweal shared the number and posted an audio clip of what players hear when they dial it. After some ominous static and interference, someone simply states, "There's something weird going on." As weird as this whole thing is, these aren't the first signals that something out of this world is on its way to "Fortnite." Here is everything fans need to know about the alien mystery that's poised to take over the battle royale game.

Alien abductions are common in "Fortnite" right now

There have been a variety of clues that "Chapter 2 – Season 7" will be alien-themed, thanks to a recent teaser video the official "Fortnite" account posted to Twitter, will be alien-themed. First off, the video highlighted the phrase "They're Coming," which is the exact same text seen on the recent postcards.

Beyond that, however, the in-game appearance of crop circles at Colossal Crops and the genuine issue of alien abductions occurring mid-match for players seem to be the biggest hints. Popular "Fortnite" streamer SypherPK even recorded his very first alien abduction, which began while he was staring at the sky. This kidnapping isn't necessarily the worst thing that can happen in a "Fortnite" match, SypherPK observes, as it gives players full shields and repositions them randomly on the map.

As "Fortnite" fans begin to feel more confident that Season 7 will be UFO-themed, fans on Reddit have started to speculate as to what kind of new characters will appear. The developers just added 31 new NBA-themed skins to "Fortnite," but it looks like the next season is going to be far less concerned with earthly combatants. Players will just have to wait and see what's coming — if that teaser video is to be believed, Season 7 might be landing on June 8.