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How Far Cry 6 Will Look Different From The Rest Of The Series

Fans have known that "Far Cry 6" would shake things up for some time now. The latest installment is changing the series by featuring an urban setting instead of a vast jungle or rural area, but it also has a few gameplay mechanics that will new dimensions to the franchise. Though some gamers might mourn the loss of a few fan-favorite features, "Far Cry 6" promises to deliver a wild adventure. Recently, the game's developers have revealed even more ways in which "Far Cry 6" serves as a departure for the series.


Narrative director Navid Khavari spoke with GameSpot about the upcoming title, explaining that "Far Cry 6" shifts perspectives at various moments throughout the game. This stands in stark contrast to previous games in the serious that were strictly first-person. Khavari explained that devs wanted players to feel more connected to the player character, Dani. When developers tried to implement third-person perspectives within Guerilla Camps, the transition felt "surprisingly seamless."

Developers moved forward with the third-person perspective within the game's Guerilla Camps, allowing players to see Dani, but also to see her customizations. Khavari explained, "Players will also be able to see their character customizations in these highly-realized story beats. In Guerrilla Camps, this is also an opportunity for players to be able to see their fully customized character, everything from their backpack to their clothes."


Dani is a member of a community

In many first-person games, changing a character's clothing may seem like a tactical choice instead of a stylistic one. Players might want to boost their defense or attack power without considering what characters look like. "Far Cry 6," on the other hand, will let players see these cosmetic changes and admire Dani's changing look throughout the game. Considering you can even outfit Chorizo, one of the game's cutest animal companions, aesthetics are important.


Khavari emphasized that the perspective shift shows that Dani is a member of these camp, a fully-formed character with motivations and a role within a group. Instead of seeing Dani as a vague, faceless avatar, players can appreciate her as an individual. Of course, once players leave Guerrilla Camps, the perspective will shift back to first-person, allowing gamers to soak in all the action in an up close and personal viewpoint.

With all the exciting changes coming to "Far Cry 6," it's set to change the series forever. Gamers can see how the shifting perspectives of "Far Cry 6" work for themselves when it arrives later in 2021.