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The Major Way Far Cry 6 Is Changing The Series

It looks like Ubisoft is returning to its old ways with Far Cry 6. The upcoming installment in the first-person shooter series, which is currently in development, is said to be more akin to earlier Far Cry games rather than its immediate predecessor, Far Cry 5. Ubisoft is making some big changes for Far Cry 6, which could be a smart move, considering that many feel Far Cry 5 stepped a bit too far away from the themes that fans have come to love for some players.


According to Game Rant, Far Cry 6 depicts a fictional Caribbean country called Yara, as opposed to the previous game's setting in modern-day Montana, which was already a major difference from the exotic locales the series had explored before. Ubisoft previously confirmed that the title will center around guerrilla warfare in an urban setting, marking the first time a Far Cry game has explored a major city. Additionally, Far Cry 6 features a very serious antagonist named Antón Castillo, voiced by Giancarlo Esposito, alongside some equally serious supporting characters.

Overall, Far Cry 6 already has the potential to be more enthralling than many of the previous games. Players will see a fully performed protagonist named Dani Rojas, a revolutionary who grew up in Yara and will likely play a major role in the conflict. As Vice reported, Far Cry 5 opted instead to use a silent protagonist, which only hurt its narrative in the long run. Moreover, for the first time, fans will see a point of vulnerability in the villain in the form of Antón's son, Diego, and this will likely add a twist to the narrative.


In an interview shared on the Ubisoft Blog, Narrative Director Navid Khavari spoke on the decision to bring Far Cry to a brand-new urban setting. "It's kind of an honor to be the first Far Cry that has a capital city!" he said. "This is the seat of Antón's power. This is where most of his supporters are, and on a narrative side, you want to feel like you're walking into the lion's den. [...] I think [this] is really unique and fresh. And it completely changes the way the game feels."

It's probably for the best that Ubisoft is moving in a completely different direction than for Far Cry 5, given the controversial nature of the game. As The Verge reported, the themes of religious fascism and a far-right political movement made the game hit a bit too close to the real world, which some players praised and others mocked. Thankfully, it's looking like Far Cry 6 will dig into the series' roots, channeling elements from Far Cry 4 and earlier to deliver refreshingly powerful and compelling gameplay. A release date for Far Cry 6 is still to be determined, as it was delayed this year due to COVID-19.