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Nintendo Might Have Accidentally Spoiled Some Major Smash Bros. News

With two slots yet to fill in the second Fighters Pass for "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" on Nintendo Switch, there are still many possibilities regarding who the remaining fighter could be. While some names, such as Waluigi, have been tossed around in the past as part of rumors, the "Doom" franchise's iconic Doom Slayer has also been a rumored DLC fighter, and more evidence has surfaced to suggest the character will make an appearance in "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate."

Specifically, Twitter user XonKeD tweeted out a "Doom Eternal" TV ad which was scored by the "Ultimate" theme song, "Lifelight." On June 7, the user tweeted a screenshot of the original tweet and explained that Nintendo had the video removed over a copyright claim. 

XonKeD stated, "I'm not one to wear a TinFoil hat. I also hate 'Smash' Speculation. The video I posted was the 'Doom Eternal' TV Ad with 'LifeLight' over it. Now I've posted this [song] before and nothing has happened but... #E32021." 

The speculation here is that, because the ad video was removed from the original tweet due to copyright claim, Nintendo may be getting ready to announce the Doom Slayer's imminent appearance in "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate." It could be that the specific combination of these two properties in XonKeD's video may have attracted Nintendo's attention.

Other evidence and E3 2021

There has been past evidence to suggest the Doom Slayer will be heading to "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" as well. In an interview with Metro, "Doom Eternal" executive producer Marty Stratton once stated that the "Doom Eternal" development team had proposed the idea to Nintendo at one point. 

Stratton said, "We've had... I don't even know who talked to who, but we've bantered with them. We have a great relationship with them through bringing 'Doom 2016' to Switch and that kind of stuff. So we have great people over there but it's one of those things where it's like, 'Wouldn't it be cool?' But it's never gone anywhere serious, so we'll see."

In any case, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt until further notice. For what it's worth, Nintendo's E3 presentation is taking place on June 15, so it's a possibility fans will see the next "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" fighter there.  Many fans are also expecting Nintendo to officially reveal the Nintendo Switch Pro, so this could end up being very exciting E3 for "Smash" players.