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Dream's Interview With Anthony Padilla Was Very Revealing

"Minecraft" streamer Dream still remains largely a mystery to his fans. He recently came clean about a speedrun cheating scandal, in which he mistakenly left hacks running while completing an impressive "Minecraft" run, but that doesn't mean that Dream has taken a dip in popularity. In fact, Dream is more popular than ever. He's got famous friends like Corpse Husband, and he's worth a serious amount of money, but there's still many details about Dream that fans want to know. 


Now, fans have learned a little more about Dream thanks to Anthony Padilla, who has also interviewed Corpse Husband in the past. In a video posted to YouTube on June 8, 2021, Padilla interviewed Dream, sitting across from an animated avatar of the famous faceless streamer, and got at some of the most pressing issues surrounding the streamer. From face reveals to the speedrun controversy, Dream opened up more than he ever has before. In fact, Dream revealed some things he's never even spoken about in the past, tantalizing fans even further.

Dream knows how he'll reveal his face

Dream teased a face reveal once before, but it turned out to be a joke. When asked about his choice to stay anonymous, Dream essentially admitted it was all a mistake. 

"I just blew up so quickly and then it kinda became a part of the fanart, a part of the community so quickly. It was not a calculated move, it was just kind of something that happened," Dream said. Once fans took to the masked appearance, he just continued to keep his identity a secret, determining that he'd do a face reveal someday when he was ready.


And it seems that a face reveal is indeed somewhere in Dream's future. The streamer wants to make sure that he can "take full advantage of it." Padilla suggested that Dream could sell out a major arena, but Dream laughed at the idea. He claimed he wanted to do something that wouldn't make him the center of attention.

Dream said that showing his face would open him up to more collaborations, and that he'd like to work with MrBeast in the future. That collaboration would make sense, given that MrBeast has recently given away money via "Minecraft." Dream might make the jump into IRL content after a face change, but he'll always be that smiley blob to fans.

Dream discusses the cheating scandal

Eventually, Padilla broached the topic of Dream's speedrun controversy, and Dream answered gracefully. 

"It's hard when people say stuff like that or when people use that as a reason to attack my character or my accomplishments or anything in that way," Dream said. He noted that while one contentious speedrun record was removed, his other world records remain intact. 


Importantly, Dream said that the speedrun that was ultimately removed wasn't even something he highly publicized, meaning he didn't do it to get attention. Even so, Dream regrets letting the scandal get out of hand.

"I handled the situation, like, horribly," Dream said. "I should have shut off all my devices for a couple of days and been like, 'okay, let me not react with emotion.'" Dream said that now he thinks he'd handle the situation better, and noted that he didn't really have time to learn how to react to fans and outrage because he became popular so quickly. Dream explained that now he's grown a bit more and is better able to handle waves of criticism from his fans.

Why Dream wears the mask

Even though Dream never intended to keep his identity a secret, that's how things have gone for the "Minecraft" streamer. Dream admitted that only a few of his close friends know what he looks like in real life. He lives with fellow streamer Sapnap, so of course he knows what Dream looks like, but GeorgeNotFound, who also frequently collaborates with Dream, does not.


In the interview with Padilla, Dream said that COVID-19 and the resulting social distancing has allowed him keep a low profile, because people have gotten so used to wearing masks. Dream also believes that keeping his face a secret has contributed to his success, because it serves as a conversation topic. It's a mystery that helps fans stay engaged with his content.

Padilla and Dream also connected the iconic smiley face mask to the concept of "masking" oneself within the world of ADHD. "Even when I was a kid and I was playing 'Minecraft' and I was going through depression ... I'd put on the mask and then I'd become Dream," the streamer explained. "And I'd be happier because I'd be playing with my friends." As Dream struggled in his studies, he was able to "mask" his personal struggles and find happiness online. 


Now that he's grown as a person, Dream doesn't feel the need to wear the mask anymore — but he's waiting for the right time to reveal his identity.