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This Grandma May Have Played More Wii Fit Than Anyone

It's a simple fact that the internet loves grandmas. After one woman documented her journey playing "Skyrim," she became a beloved NPC within the game. Meanwhile, on a different corner of the web, one grandma made opponents beg for mercy in "Call of Duty." One woman was even immortalized in "Animal Crossing" by having a character named after her. Now, a new gaming grandma has arrived to win the internet's affections, and she can probably beat up every other grandma in town.

In 2019, George Perkins tweeted a picture of his grandmother, smiling beside her virtual Mii avatar. He captioned the picture, "My grandma has played Wii Fit every day for over 10 years. Wow!!" Notably, Perkins runs Super Rare Games, a company that releases limited physical editions of digital games. In other words, it turns out that gaming is in his DNA.

On June 8, 2021, Perkins tweeted an update for his grandmother's adoring fans. "Just wanted to update people that were following this," Perkins said. "My Nan has continued to play throughout the pandemic. She's now on her 4784th day! Go her!" Despite the overwhelming positivity of Perkins' posts, however, some viewers had specific criticisms of this grandmother's achievement. This is the internet, after all.

Encouragement and criticism from the internet

Nothing heartwarming happens online without a little bit of criticism thrown in. One commenter called the grandmother's accomplishment into question. They noted that "Wii Fit" tracks consecutive days whether players actually work out or not, totalling the number of days the account has been active.

For the most part, comments were supportive, with one commenter calling her the "fittest person on the earth." GameRadar's Kevin Scully suggested that Perkins should contact Guinness World Records in order to certify his grandmother's achievement. After all, this seems like it could be one gaming record that would be hard to beat. Others simply wished her well and encouraged her to make it to 5,000 consecutive days.

Perkins seems to be exceptionally proud of his gaming grandma. At the time of publishing, his pinned tweet is a picture of her displaying her "Wii Fit" scores with a beaming smile. One can only hope that Perkins might upgrade his grandma to a newer model of fitness game, like "Ring Fit Adventure," sometime soon. Who knows, maybe she'll pick up speedrunning the fitness title in her spare time.