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Fortnite Fans Are Furious Over This Mode Change

Change can be hard to accept. When you've grown used to something, having to adjust to a new set of rules might be uncomfortable. Sometimes, changes are not initially welcomed with open arms, but once the growing pains have settled, they're not so terrible. The question is, will "Fortnite" players be able to accept recent changes to Team Rumble?

While Epic Games may have intended to offer a little something for everyone in the latest "Fortnite" latest battle pass, fans are furious over new restrictions placed on the popular Team Rumble mode. As The Gamer's Josh Coulson explained, this mode is different from the usual last-person-standing matches, in that you have been able to come back after you die. Team Rumble matches only end when a certain number of kills are racked up by one side. Because of this, players had more free rein to explore and complete in-game challenges at a leisurely pace. 

The update, however, discourages this practice by creating a narrower playfield and bringing Battle Buses closer together, all in an effort to emphasize combat. Now, there's less time and less space for fans to roam the outer edges to wrap up more challenges.

While this is an upsetting change for many fans, it does have a practical application. As Coulson explained, many participants have joined matches in the past just to get those challenges in and then drop out of the match after satisfying that goal. This would reduce team size, making it even harder to find opponents, which significantly slowed down the pace and extended the length of a match to excruciating lengths.

A rumbling in the Fortnite community

"Fortnite" fans appear to be mixed on their feelings regarding the Team Rumble update. On Reddit, one user created a post titled "Fortnite, Please FIX Team Rumble," which was taken down by mods. Another commenter explained, "We paid good money for this Season Battle Pass, it's our right to complete it however and whenever we want."

On the other end of the spectrum, you have a user who posted, "The new Team Rumble is more fun." Unfortunately, most did not agree. As one Redditor put it, "team rumble should be for challenges and nothing more. If you're looking for wins and kills go play solos."

It appears that an overwhelming majority are unhappy with the new Team Rumble format. Depending on who you ask, things have been getting worse for "Fortnite" for a while, as streamers like Tfue have been ditching the game in droves. Will this new update contribute to the battle royale's declining popularity, or will users come around? Epic Games may have to come up with a solution that retains the combat goals of this mode while allowing gamers to efficiently complete their challenges.