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Tfue Reveals Why Streamers Are Ditching Fortnite In Droves

Fortnite continues to dominate the attention of many streamers, those streamers have recently left the game in droves, moving on to other titles. Superstar streamer Tfue speculated in a livestream why so many high profile players have given up on Fortnite.


"All the amazing, personality-filled content creators that I met playing Fortnite are all now not playing Fortnite," Tfue said. "Probably because they don't need it. They don't need it, so why play a game that sucks?"

Tfue also pondered how playing Fortnite might affect his own fanbase. "I could go back and play Fortnite and my viewers would probably be doubled, you know?" Tfue mused. "But it's like, if people are watching me that play a game that I don't enjoy, I don't want them in my stream anyway." Tfue then moved on to the business of Minecraft.

As with most things, Tfue hasn't been quiet about his falling out with Fortnite. Recently, Tfue explained more specifically why he won't play the famous battle royale game anymore. Tfue may not have the most sterling reputation, and has had beefs with other big name streamers, but his reasons for quitting Fortnite are sound. Worse, they may have influenced other creators to join him in leaving the game.


Essentially, Tfue feels that the fanbase of Fortnite had changed, and that he doesn't enjoy playing with a younger, less experienced crowd that hadn't been there from the beginning. Since leaving the Fortnite community, Tfue has moved on to stream other competitive games. In 2020, he called the current Fortnite community "garbage." He also stated that he thought Fortnite didn't provide enough competition for serious gamers, giving off the overall vibe that he didn't enjoy even thinking about the subject anymore. However, Tfue is not the only creator who has left Fortnite.

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who also began his streaming career with Fortnite, also recently denounced the game, saying he doubted he'd ever play it again. Blevins cited similar reasons to Tfue when discussing his grievances with Fortnite, mainly blaming the younger, less mature crowd of players for his departure. Blevins also called stream-sniping one of the biggest issues in the Fortnite world. Though Ninja and Tfue have clashed in the past, they at least agree on why content creators are moving away from Fortnite.

On the bright side, Fortnite just released a new season of content for fans, which featured a surprise single-player mission. Streamers may be leaving the Fortnite fandom, but it still remains a worthwhile game to pick up in 2021.