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Games That Lady Dimitrescu Made Better

Lady Dimitrescu is the internet's girlfriend, and fans want to know every detail about the tall, formidable vampire lady. There are memes honoring Lady Dimitrescu, and beautiful cosplays by her real life face model, but some fans want more. Some fans want to ask the dangerous question: what if Alcina Dimitrescu ventured into other games? Or... or what if Lady Dimitrescu became a helicopter? 


The sky's the limit (sometimes literally) for modder ToastedShoes, who created one of the best gaming memes of 2021. ToastedShoes began the year by modding Senator Bernie Sanders into a variety of video games, including "Skyrim" and "Resident Evil." 

Now, ToastedShoes has given the internet the greatest gift by inserting Lady Dimitrescu into games that could use a little spice. From wrestling titles to wholesome sandbox games, ToastedShoes made sure to pick the unlikeliest situations for Lady D to participate in. While these mods aren't necessarily downloadable or playable, ToastedShoes has given players a glimpse at how they would work on YouTube, and even included a guest appearance from everyone's favorite Vermont Senator.


WWE 2K19

"WWE 2K20" might have bombed, but "WWE 2K19" still has a strong community of fans that want to see a 9-foot lady in a vintage gown fight some dudes. ToastedShoes sent Lady Dimitrescu to the ring in "WWE 2K19" to fulfill that wish.


In the clip, Lady D enters the ring imposingly, her wide hat secured on her head, to fight Rey Mysterio. The ensuing match is brutal, with Lady Dimitrescu curb-stomping Rey again and again. It's not hard to imagine Lady D stomping Ethan Winters in a similar way, punishing the stupid "man-thing" for intruding in her castle. 

ToastedShoes eventually has Lady D take the fight out of the ring, tossing Rey Mysterio towards the audience, but not before executing a beautiful jump from the top of the ring. Even gamers who don't like wrestling can find something to love about Lady Dimitrescu's magnificent fight. There's something fun about seeing characters outside the bounds of their own games, but the refined Lady Dimitrescu oddly seems to fit right in with the burly, muscled wrestlers of the WWE.


Crash Bandicoot 4

Fans may have been furious after discovering that "Crash Bandicoot 4" has an always-online component for PC players, but inserting Lady Dimitrescu into the game may ease that frustration a bit. In this iteration, ToastedShoes' Lady Dimitrescu is smaller than she normally would be, and comes with a pink tablet. Despite being shrunk, the gothic Lady Dimitrescu still sticks out amongst the cartoony graphics of "Crash Bandicoot 4," and her dress doesn't seem equipped to handle running in such long strides. Lady Dimitrescu's skirt frequently seems to split and become pants, but that doesn't matter, as she's too busy spin-kicking her enemies off the map.


In his brief demonstration, ToastedShoes shows how Lady Dimitrescu might go about having her own violent tropical vacation. After all, "Crash Bandicoot 4" is no beach holiday, and there are plenty of manthings for Lady D to vanquish throughout the level. 

The funniest thing about Lady Dimitrescu appearing in "Crash Bandicoot 4" is the stylized death animation sequence. Lady D gags, stiffens, and falls overwhen she dies, which feels hilariously at odds with her usual cool demeanor.

The Sims 4

Many gamers grew up playing "The Sims," even if we should never have been allowed to play it as a kid. While it's not a horrifying game, "The Sims 4" becomes significantly more complicated once Lady Dimitrescu enters the picture. In this clip, ToastedShoes creates a character named Kyle, an everyman type, and puts him in a house with seven Lady Dimitrescus.


ToastedShoes doesn't explain his goal in throwing Kyle into a den of Dimitrescus, but things take a turn once the crew gets settled into a house. Kyle begins flirting with the women, and eventually shares a kiss with Lady Dimitrescu. Well, one of them anyway. 

At this point, ToastedShoes determines there can only be one Lady D, and commands Kyle to begin killing them. Things get violent from there, as Kyle goes on a murderous spree until the cops show up to take him into the sky (naturally). 

While the Dimitrescu house experiment might have ended cruelly, Kyle got to live his dream for a short time.

Resident Evil 3

Unsurprisingly, Lady Dimitrescu had to take a trip to "Resident Evil 3" and visit her roots. ToastedShoes begins the game in first-person, noting that Lady Dimitrescu's gigantic hat can't help but peek into frame. Soon enough, the villain of "Resident Evil 3," Nemesis, breaks through the wall, except something's off about the game's signature giant.


That's right; instead of one Lady Dimitrescu, ToastedShoes has inserted two into "Resident Evil 3," with one taking the place of Jill Valentine and the other serving as the unstoppable Nemesis. The results are alarming, with Lady Dimitrescu getting into a pitched battle with a smaller version of herself.

Hilariously, ToastedShoes apparently forgot to turn off another mod he'd been using in "Resident Evil 3," which turns enemies into Senator Bernie Sanders. Hordes of Bernies begin climbing the fence to attack Jill, all while seated, legs crossed, in folding chairs. There's nothing more chaotic than two Lady Dimitrescus and a ton of angry senators.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Some flight simulators use amazing tech to recreate the feeling of flying a plane, but none have a flying nine-foot-tall woman. ToastedShoes solved that deficiency by creating Lady Dimitrescu in "Microsoft Flight Simulator," crafting her into a helicopter. With rotor blades sticking out of her hat, Lady Dimitrescu takes to the skies, her claws extended in case Ethan Winters similarly found out a way to reach her. Luckily, Lady D has picked a wonderfully sunny day to fly on, and she spends the flight taking in glorious views of beaches and greenery.


Unfortunately, Lady D also encounters some issues while flying. ToastedShoes expresses his worry that casual beachgoers might be able to see up her dress, so he directs her back towards the mainland to protect her modesty. Unfortunately, Lady Dimitrescu encounters some turbulence and ends up crashing, feet up. 

As her propellor hat continues to spin, ToastedShoes realizes there was no saving Lady D from her fate — and so he moves on to the next game.


The pixelated style of "Minecraft" necessitates innovation, and ToastedShoes did just that when adding Lady Dimitrescu to the blocky, colorful world. While Lady D has the same size and shape of most "Minecraft" characters, she's made a bit larger to convey her height. Lady Dimitrescu also has her signature black hat, though the brim isn't quite as wide as in her original design.


In "Minecraft," Lady Dimitrescu hunts down people in order to stab them to death, simple as that. While not her typical style, Lady D's sword gets the job done fine. ToastedShoes even references "Minecraft" streamer Dream by saying that Lady Dimitrescu will be staging her own version of his popular YouTube series "Manhunt." Ultimately, Lady D bombs the entire map in order to get rid of those pesky man-things.

ToastedShoes has also edited Lady Dimitrescu into a few other games, including fan favorites like "Friday Night Funkin'" and "Soulcalibur," and the truth is that Lady D adds something special to every game she's featured in.