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Microsoft Took Xbox Refrigerator Memes To A New Level

Ever since the console was first revealed, Microsoft has always taken Xbox Series X|S refrigerator comparisons in stride, but hardly anyone could have expected the meme to actually manifest. At the end of Xbox and Bethesda's joint E3 presentation, the company surprised fans with a trailer for the Xbox Mini Fridge to close out the highly-lauded showcase. 


The trailer opens with suspenseful music befitting a cinematic trailer, as well as footage from franchise favorites like "Halo" and "FIFA." Then, as the video hints at a new system that "leaves others cold," it cuts to a deceivingly familiar image of the Xbox Series X. But, as the trailer continues, the console opens up to reveal racks of canned beverages inside the machine. A cloud of cold air puffs out from behind the door, intriguing viewers as the words everyone was thinking spread across the screen: "Yes, this is really happening." 

The highly appropriate tagline "Xbox and Chill" popped up at the end of the trailer and in an accompanying social media post.

The Xbox Mini Fridge isn't a new console. As advertised, it's simply a mini fridge designed to look like a Series X. While the appliance doesn't seem to have any game-playing capabilities, it's a perfect gift for meme-loving Xbox fans in need of a mini fridge. The appliance appears to be a comfortable size for a dorm room or personal work space.


Not Microsoft's first fridge joke

Microsoft has a history of leaning into Xbox Series X|S refrigerator memes, such as the time it revealed the size specifications for the Xbox Series X by using a fridge for scale. Xbox also gifted Snoop Dogg, a known Xbox fan and avid gamer, a full-size Xbox Series X Fridge for his birthday. Later, the company tweeted about an Xbox Series X Fridge giveaway sweepstakes for fans to partake in themselves.


Polygon also pointed out that Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Xbox Marketing, actually promised Xbox Mini Fridges to fans earlier this year in April 2021. After the company beat Skittles in a bout of Twitter Marketing's #BestOfTweets Brand Bracket, Greenberg tweeted, "Now that @Xbox won, we will move forward on our promise to make those Xbox Series X Mini Fridges." Of course, at the time, it seemed like more of a jest rather than an announcement.

Xbox Mini Fridges are set for a 2021 holiday season release date. Fans can then bring their meme dreams to life and gift them to friends and family.