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The Truth About The "New Nintendo Switch" Rumor

Gaming fans recently went bonkers over a GameStop ad that seemed to have leaked the name of Nintendo's next-gen console. The ad used the phrase "New Nintendo Switch" when referring to trade-ins of the console, which set off a chain reaction of confusion.


Some sources previously claimed that Nintendo might announce its new console before E3 so that developers could showcase next-gen games, so it makes sense that the timing and wording of this ad would get fans' hopes up. As pointed out by Forbes' Paul Tassi, the ad mentioned the "New Nintendo Switch" in two places.

First, near the top of the ad, it read: "$50 Extra Credit when you trade select systems toward purchase of a New Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite or Xbox Series X/S." Then, in fine print at the bottom: "Offer valid on systems traded toward purchase of New Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite or Xbox Series X/S." To eager Nintendo fans, it certainly looked as though GameStop had accidentally revealed the name of the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro.


Tassi spoke with GameStop store representatives about the so-called leak and determined that the confusion did indeed stem from a poor choice of words, and that the ad should not be taken as a confirmation of an upcoming console's name.

"New Nintendo Switch" seems like an honest mistake

GameStop's reps told Forbes that the promotion referred to incoming shipments of new regular Nintendo Switch consoles, not new next-gen systems. Since Switch supplies have been hard to come by in recent months, it stands to reason that GameStop would make a big deal about actually having them in stock. GameStop corporate hasn't replied to Forbes' request for comment, but no other evidence points to the existence of a so-called "New Nintendo Switch."


Tassi pointed out that the promotion advertised a trade-in window between June 13 and June 18, which makes fans' next-gen assumptions even less likely. Though it had been theorized that Nintendo would reveal the upgraded console before E3, Nintendo would've probably needed to announce the New Nintendo Switch well before the ad appeared.

The capitalization of "New" in the ad seems to be the main cause for the mix-up. With Nintendo's questionable console naming conventions, it's no surprise that fans assumed that the ad was a leak. After all, Nintendo named one of its consoles New Nintendo 3DS, so New Nintendo Switch isn't too much of a stretch. 

Basically, the rumor about the "New Nintendo Switch" doesn't seem to be real. However, with E3 underway, it's possible that the Nintendo's new console could still be announced during the convention. Nintendo's two E3 presentations, a Nintendo Direct and Nintendo Treehouse, air one after the other on Tuesday, June 15 starting at 12 p.m. ET.