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Dream Responds To Fake Face Reveal Drama

Dream is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber who specializes in "Minecraft" content. He has 23.1 million subscribers to his primary channel, where he regularly posts speedruns and other content. Being a public figure like that doesn't typically offer a lot of privacy, but Dream has done his best to keep his personal life as far out of the public eye as possible. Like his friend Corpse Husband, Dream has managed to keep his face hidden for the entirety of his internet career. He typically uses a stick figure-like drawing on a green background as his avatar online and dons a smiley face mask when making public appearances. Dream has talked about how he sees revealing his face as an inevitable step and he has a plan for how he might eventually do it, but hasn't yet suggested when he might remove the mask.


This anonymity seems to have come at a price, however. In the past, people have tried to use Dream's faceless nature against him. A few months back, people tried to connect Dream to a video in which someone playing "Minecraft" used a racial slur. Dream has completely denied that he was the person in the video (as did the owner of the channel), but things didn't end there. When Dream went to try to clear his name, things got even messier.

Dream responds to the hate

As explained by Dexerto, Dream joined the Scuffed Podcast in order to discuss the controversy surrounding the offensive clip. For the livestream of the podcast, Dream used a drawing in place of a live cam, which was meant to be placed under an overlay bearing his name. Unfortunately, some of the cameras apparently got shuffled around and some fans thought Dream's face was leaked yet again. Several viewers grabbed screenshots, claiming that they were "Dream face reveal" images. 


Once these fake reveals started trending, new images began circulating and the conversation quickly became toxic. One photo in particular was the subject of a tremendous amount of body-shaming as people on Twitter leapt to make fun of someone they thought was Dream. Thankfully, many people were also quick to point out how harmful this was. @AzeleahW wrote, "for you to body shame this person and use what they look like as something against them is utterly and completely disgusting!"

Dream used his private account to respond (via Dexerto), tweeting, "people who don't like me really jump through every hoop to justify hate, hating on the appearance of random people that are [supposedly the] 'leaked Dream face!!' isn't the big win you think it is." He then went on to call the behavior "harmful & gross & idiotic."


For now, it seems as though the building drama surrounding fake Dream reveals has been put to rest. Not wanting to be fully negative, Dream also urged his fans to "spread love and positivity." His face may still be hidden, but his character appears to be on full display.