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The Stunning Transformation Of FaZe Jarvis

For someone born on this side of the year 2000, FaZe Jarvis has already had a pretty diverse career as a streamer. Inspired by his brother's success as a content creator and professional gamer, Jarvis started a successful YouTube channel at a young age. However, some questionable decision-making has threatened his burgeoning career in the past.


The most prominent example of this would be when he received a lifetime ban from "Fortnite" for streaming matches in which he used aimbot software in the background. While his videos acknowledged that he had cheats enabled and were created in the spirit of educating players, Epic Games logged his actions as a clear violation of the game's rules of conduct and responded accordingly.

Things seemed bleak after that misstep, but Jarvis has managed to leverage the audience he built and continue to stay relevant while populating his YouTube channel with topics that aren't always related to gaming. His mid-2021 win in the "Battle of the Platforms" boxing match demonstrated that he isn't going anywhere and showed just how much he has changed since he first hit the scene. Here is the stunning transformation of FaZe Jarvis.


The beginnings of Jarvis' YouTube journey

FaZe Jarvis, whose real name is Jarvis Khattri, was born in 2001, which is worth keeping in mind when considering how old the YouTuber was when he found some of his biggest successes – and made some of his most impactful mistakes.


Before Jarvis was even a teenager, his older brother, Frazier Khattri, better known by the alias FaZe Kay, had begun a career as a professional gamer and streamer focused on "Call of Duty." It was through his brother's channel that Jarvis appeared in his first videos and got his start on YouTube. Fans can even see a 13-year-old Jarvis hitting trick shots in a "Call of Duty" video initially recorded and posted to Faze Kay's YouTube channel in 2015.

Jarvis began to define his own distinct online presence when he started his YouTube channel with the assistance of his brother. In his first-ever video intro, recorded in 2016, a youthful-looking Jarvis told audiences what kind of content he wanted to make. "Real life videos, like challenge videos that me and my brother do, but I'll do them with my mates as well," Jarvis explained. "I might do an occasional game video, maybe not COD (Call of Duty) like all the time, but I'll do an occasional video." 


However, it would quickly become clear that "Call of Duty" was the least of FaZe Jarvis' concerns.

Fortnite's rising star

Not too long after the 2016 debut go Jarvis' YouTube channel, a seismic shift occurred that permanently changed streaming, video games, and the trajectory of Jarvis' career: "Fortnite."

The battle royale game became a near-instant sensation when it entered early access in 2017, and Jarvis' YouTube channel quickly began to revolve around the title. His solid "Fortnite" skills and natural showmanship developed alongside his growing YouTube channel, and Jarvis' reputation in the community began to build. By his 16th birthday, Jarvis had been invited to temporarily stay in the mansion owned by gaming collective FaZe Clan, and within a year, he was an official member of the organization.


Becoming a part of the FaZe crew kicked off perhaps the best-known portion of FaZe Jarvis' career as a streamer. The frequency of his videos began to explode as he began to take content creation seriously as a career.

Unfortunately, one flawed video concept, in which Jarvis ran cheat software to demonstrate the power of aimbots in the wrong hands, ended up earning the 17-year-old a lifetime ban from "Fortnite." This would lead to one of FaZe Jarvis' most infamous videos, "I've Been Banned From Fortnite (I'm Sorry)," in which the streamer tearfully apologized for his mistake. Epic Games, however, was unmoved, and FaZe Jarvis remains permanently banned from "Fortnite" to this day.

FaZe Jarvis refocused his efforts

The streamer's choice to use aimbot software in "Fortnite" didn't just disrupt his career as a content creator for that game. It also began a string of Twitch bans, per Dexerto, that would ultimately see him abandon his Twitch channel, Liljarvis. Since that incident, however, Jarvis has decided to get back to his roots, almost eliminating video game streams from his YouTube channel entirely and focusing on creating content for a broader audience.


As a result, many of the videos posted on his YouTube channel after his "Fortnite" apology are the type of challenge videos he originally said he would create, alongside pranks and comedic skits. Of course, Jarvis couldn't help making some content related to the game that made him famous. In 2020, he released a diss track and music video titled "Banned 4 Life," in which he discussed his removal from "Fortnite."

His efforts to remain relevant and productive seemed to pay off, however, when he participated and won his match in a highly-anticipated "YouTubers vs. TikTokers" boxing match, with some even suggesting he had found a new career. Jarvis took the fight seriously, training before the event, and managed to calmly take down his opponent with a round two knockout.


From an awkward preteen to a YouTube boxing success, FaZe Jarvis has accomplished a lot for a young content creator. It will be interesting to see what avenues he pursues in the future.