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You Can Finally Make Your Own Custom Series X Controllers

Some might have already crowned Xbox the winner of E3, but the company just took it one step further with Xbox Games Showcase Extended. Like Nintendo Treehouse, in which hosts play through a variety of games and chat with developers, Microsoft came to play with its own segment delving into upcoming titles. But the excitement didn't stop with gameplay previews. During the showcase, Xbox reps also formally reintroduced Xbox Design Lab to the audience.

Xbox Design Lab, a program that started back in 2016, lets customers personalize their own Xbox controllers. Now, Microsoft has reintroduced the program for next-gen Xbox Series X controllers after temporarily putting it on hold ahead of the Series X launch. Players don't necessarily need to be Xbox owners to relish the opportunity to design their own controller (for PC use, for example), so this news is exciting for both general gaming audiences and Xbox fans alike.

After the showcase, consumers found that they could directly design their controllers on the Xbox website. The return of Xbox Design Lab, as well as other upward trends in Xbox's continuous evolution, might mean that Microsoft is on track to win some customers in the latest console war.

How does Xbox Design Lab work?

The Xbox Design Lab UI lets customers preview before buying and customize controllers to an impressive degree. Colors range from monochrome hues to vibrant ones like turquoise and hot pink, which can be applied to any aspect of the controller. Players can't exactly customize each and every button, but they can customize most of the controller, from the body to the triggers. They can even add custom engravings for an additional cost.

Since yesterday, interested fans have dove into creative frenzies online. A number of users, including those specifically chosen to receive their own custom controllers beforehand, shared their creations on social media. These designs might represent players' favorite series or just emulate their identities in the form of a controller. The easy-to-use UI and sleek controller design has combined to appeal to a variety of audiences.

Those who missed Microsoft's extended showcase can watch it on the Xbox YouTube channel. Developers and spokespeople talked through trailers, explained creative decisions, and sometimes announced even more information about the games on stream. Just a few of the featured titles included "Psychonauts 2," "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2," and "Age of Empires 4."