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This Bayonetta Easter Egg Took Years To Discover

Nintendo had a lot to show off at E3, with several of the company's games taking top spots in GameStop's preorder list. However, one game was mysteriously missing: "Bayonetta 3." While some "Bayonetta" fans are still looking out for news about the third game in the series, others are finding new things from the original games to love. One Redditor in particular discovered a fun secret in the first "Bayonetta" by simply testing out their guns.


Twelve years after the release of "Bayonetta," Reddit user allgoodman123 posted a video of Bayonetta just shooting at a wall. However, when the player didn't move the character, Bayonetta decided to make some cutesy shapes with her bullet spray. She started with a "B," presumably for her name, and ended with a little heart. The smallest details can make or break a game, and this little discovery not only enhanced the game for allgoodman123, but it proved that sometimes even your favorite games can still surprise you after years of playing.

Some fans couldn't believe that they'd never found out about Bayonetta's quirky little bullet "drawings." However, others weren't quite as impressed. As it turns out, even though this isn't a well known Easter egg, some people had figured this out a long time ago.


It wasn't that exciting for some fans

While this was news for a lot of Reddit users, a few had already come across the wholesome secret. In fact, Reddit user res30stupid pointed out that Bayonetta's not the only character to have fun with a gun: "You can unlock Jeanne as a playable character if you're good enough. If you shoot at a wall with her, the graffiti she makes has a J sign to it." User The_Dumb_Wizard added that Jeanne ends her own artsy bullet display by etching a diamond into the wall.


Despite the fact that some fans had already seen this Easter egg, it still started some fun conversations. Some gamers imagined what other kinds of designs Bayo might want to shoot into the wall, while others simply discussed how great the "Bayonetta" games are. Reddit user KorkuVeren even imagined how much work must have gone into coordinating Bayonetta's shots.

Of course, there were also plenty of users talking about "Bayonetta 3" and if it'll ever be released. Luckily, a recent GameSpot interview with Nintendo Treehouse's Nate Bihldorff and Bill Trinen made it clear that production of "Bayonetta 3" is still ongoing, so fans shouldn't be too worried.