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The Hilarious Way This Streamer Revealed His Face

Faceless streamers and their true identities are a hot topic in the gaming world, but that doesn't mean that gamers want these masked streamers to reveal themselves before they're ready. Even so, being a faceless streamer definitely has its risks. Dream was the center of a recent controversy involving a supposed face reveal. Even though the "Minecraft" streamer knows how he wants to reveal his face (whenever the time comes, of course), it's a constant struggle to remain anonymous. Recently, one faceless streamer found that out when he outed himself live on stream, shocking fans who've wondered about his true face for years.


Swedish streamer and content creator Anomaly has spent his career wearing various bandanas and ski masks in order to conceal his identity. While streaming "Counter Strike: Global Offensive," Anomaly began having problems with OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software, which many people use to stream on Twitch. While trying to change the screen his viewers were watching, Anomaly accidentally switched to his own camera, showing the world his unmasked face

"That's not the camera," Anomaly calmly said. Both Anomaly and his crew began laughing loudly at his mistake, taking the accident sportingly. Anomaly cursed OBS again and continued laughing before moving on with his game.

Anomaly fans respond

Fans tried to explain why the face reveal wasn't such a big deal to Anomaly or his viewers. One fan said, "He doesn't care about his face being revealed, he just sees the mask as a persona[.]" Another viewer pointed out that Anomaly's face has already been leaked once before by a kid who caught the streamer playing "Pokemon." 


It seems that Anomaly doesn't want to go to the kinds of extremes that faceless streamers like Corpse Husband take keep their anonymity, so his face reveal ultimately shouldn't be that detrimental to his online brand. Instead, it's a hilarious mix-up that some lucky viewers got to watch live.

Other viewers had positive things to say about their favorite streamer, now that they could see his face. "Why does he look like a loving father," one said. Others said he favors his father, who is a streaming personality in his own right and goes by the name of "Papanomaly." Some fans simply said that Anomaly was handsome without the mask.

Anomaly continued on with his stream after the reveal and never made an official statement about it. His lack of a public response indicates that fans are correct and that Anomaly doesn't mind viewers knowing what he looks like.