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Is It Safe To Put Your PS5 In Rest Mode?

The PlayStation 5 was a historic success, but that doesn't mean the next-gen console got off the ground without a hitch. Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S had issues upon release, but when comparing the two, it seems as though the former had more problems at launch. In fact, one of the biggest issues was that you couldn't put your PS5 in Rest Mode without the console crashing.

This bug is certainly a big one; the system has had some time on the market, so is it still unsafe to activate Rest Mode? After all, the PS5 had a pretty major bug affecting downloads that was fixed not long after the console launched, so it would make sense that Sony would get to work on a solution to this problem as well.

Perhaps you were so disheartened by the glitch that you haven't bothered to test it out since. If you're afraid to try putting your PlayStation 5 in Rest Mode, this is what you need to know.

Sony is sleeping on the PS5 Rest Mode

As of June 2021, it is still not safe to put your PS5 in Rest Mode. Writing for Tom's Guide, Rory Mellon wrote that "PS5 Rest Mode is still broken six months after launch — and I'm sick of it." Forbes' Erik Kain was constantly plagued by the bug but was optimistic that it would eventually be fixed. That didn't stop him from deeming this an "unforgivable flaw." Over on Republic World, Haridas S reported on a June 2021 software update for the PlayStation 5 that overlooked this crucial glitch, leaving gamers stuck with a broken Rest Mode.

A user on Reddit created an ongoing thread dedicated to fixing the bug, and others have been contributing to the cause. User u/mr-interested wrote, "One more variable you may want to look into is if the external drive is Bus powered, or External Powered," while u/mcduff0192 wrote, "Also heard that waiting a bit to put in rest mode after closing game that was on external drive helped eliminate rest mode issue."

Hopefully, Sony will realize how much consumers have struggled with this bug and will correct the issue soon. Until then, do not put your PS5 in Rest Mode.