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You Can Become Sonic In This Sickening Mod

Sonic the Hedgehog has quite the dedicated fanbase. In fact, there are probably plenty of enthusiasts who wish they could have the opportunity to experience what it's like to be the beloved Sega mascot. As it tuns out, while such a scenario may sound exciting on paper, it might not work out so well in practice. To prove that point, there's now a mod that allows you to embody the blue blur from a first-person perspective.

A modder by the name of Skyth has shared a daring experiment on Twitter in which they modded "Sonic Generations" to have a first-person camera view. Fortunately, this modder was courteous enough to warn others who are faint of heart — or stomach, rather — of the potential discomfort that could result from watching it. Good thing too, because the example they provide is quite the wild ride.

The action begins as Sonic slides down a rail at high speed. You feel as if you're on an incredibly unsteady roller coaster before you're suddenly flung through some rings, flipping through the air without warning. Things don't get any better upon landing, either. Sonic, as you would imagine, runs at breakneck speeds, abruptly leaping and twisting around in a visual nightmare that is likely to send your lunch flying out of your mouth at the same velocity as the speedy hedgehog dashing from platform to platform. And if you think that's too much, you don't even want to know what it looks like when he jumps.

Gotta slow down

This mod makes a clear point about Sonic the Hedgehog: the franchise probably shouldn't be played from a first-person perspective. Still, it's an interesting experiment. If you're not prone to motion sickness, it's definitely worth checking out.

Despite its turbulent visuals, some fans are actually eating up this wild demonstration. One user asked, "Will this be available to us because I really, REALLY wanna beat the whole game [like] this." Another wrote, "I'd get vr instantly for this not gonna lie." Aside from that, the general consensus can be summed up by one comment: "Now I understand why [Sega hasn't] made a Sonic VR game." Perhaps you'd be better off hanging out with Sega's upcoming Vtuber Sonic than spending a day in his speedy shoes.

Sometimes these kinds of mods can offer fans something new and exciting. Gamers were able to witness their "Mortal Kombat 11" destruction in first person, thanks to a clever modder. And believe it or not, that mod might be easier on your senses than the one emulating the whiplash that Sonic experiences on a constant basis.