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How Dr Disrespect Caused ZLaner To Turn Down Twitch

Fans of Dr Disrespect are probably well aware of his "Warzone" partner, ZLaner. The Facebook Gaming streamer who cut his teeth playing "Fortnite" has been gaining quite a bit of traction — so much so that he is currently looking to expand his presence through new streaming platforms. As such, one has to wonder what would happen if he were courted by Twitch. After all, Dr Disrespect was mysteriously banned from the popular platform, but it would be a tremendous opportunity for a rising star like ZLaner. Such a scenario may seem like a moral dilemma to some. For ZLaner, however, it was not a difficult decision at all.


In a clip shared by Dexerto, ZLaner was asked if he would consider signing with Twitch. Without hesitation, he said "No." From there, he made it very clear to his audience that Twitch was "not even on the table." His reasoning, of course, was that it would drive a wedge between his partnership with Dr. DisRespect.

While he acknowledged that he does have other streamers he could tag in, he emphasized the tremendous impact the Doc has had on his career. Because of this, ZLaner couldn't see signing with Twitch as anything other than a backstabbing move. He has told the agency representing him that he doesn't even want to consider an exclusivity deal with Twitch in the future.

ZLaner is a true friend

ZLaner's dismissive attitude towards a platform that could take his career to the next level demonstrates just how loyal he is to his friend and partner. Despite the cool confidence, Dr Disrespect had experienced some struggles since his Twitch ban, and his "Warzone" partner has stuck by him through those hardships.


ZLaner also made it clear to viewers that the Doc didn't force him into his anti-Twitch decisions. He clarified, "[Doc's] probably down for me to do whatever I want to do."

Some may still wonder if he would hold true to his pledge should Twitch actually make the offer. It's easy to hypothetically turn down an incredible opportunity when it's not sitting right in front of you. Even so, the streamer was so quick to reject the idea that it seems incredibly unlikely that he would go against his word. Besides, his goodwill ought to earn him some respect from the community.

For now, it seems like his hilarious portrayal of Dr Disrespect in the 2021 World Series of "Warzone" may be the closest the pair will come to streaming together on Twitch.