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This Indiefoxx Tweet Is Coming Back To Haunt Her

Like Amouranth, streamer Indiefoxx was recently suspended for a couple of days by Twitch for participating in a controversial type of ASMR stream. Amouranth might have become the poster child for the debate about Twitch's hot tub meta, and now the steamy ASMR meta, but Indiefoxx has also participated in both categories, providing similar content for her viewers. 

Indiefoxx even acknowledged the creators' simultaneous ban by tweeting, "Hey @Amouranth wanna go to a spa since we both have the weekend off?" While Indiefoxx's content is decidedly flirty and suggestive, she didn't always have that view of women who make that kind of content on Twitch. In fact, a recently rediscovered tweet from Indiefoxx's past has fans scratching their heads in confusion.

@Kaughtin4k, a popular Twitter account that purportedly "catches" misdeeds and broadcasts them to followers, recently shared a tweet Indiefoxx made in 2017. The account spliced together an image of the now-deleted tweet next to a more recent picture of Indiefoxx during one of her hot tub streams. In 2017, Indiefoxx tweeted, "I'm ashamed to say Twitch is a platform that supports lazy females selling their bodies for cash... Compete on the same playing field as men. Feminism is equality. Spread the word." 

Indiefoxx also stated that these types of streamers made bad role models for young girls, and implored women streamers should wear more clothes while broadcasting.

Twitter responds to Indiefoxx's old tweet

Fans responded in various ways to the old tweet and the juxtaposition with Indiefoxx's newer content. One simply claimed the tweet didn't age well, while another called the whole situation "ironic." One commenter helpfully referenced "The Dark Knight," saying, "You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain."

Other fans mentioned that the problem wasn't in Indiefoxx's supposed change of opinion, but in the content itself. One commenter said, "Hypocrisy aside it is lazy and kinda sad content, but can't blame them for taking advantage of h***y dudes on Twitch. Especially when Twitch seems to not give a damn even tho it should violate their policies." This commenter isn't alone in their confusion, either. Several streamers have called out other instances of Twitch's apparent double standards regarding suggestive content.

Recently, Amouranth cryptically suggested that there may be more in common between her ban and Dr Disrespect's than people might think, leading fans to wonder if the true issue with Twitch is its streamers' marketability, and not just the content they create. Until Twitch officially responds to the continuing controversy, there's no way to know for sure.