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How Long It Takes To Beat Final Fantasy 10

"Final Fantasy 10" is one of the most beloved titles in the series. In fact, SVG conducted a survey with 1,500 participants that found it to be the second most popular "Final Fantasy" game after "7." "FF10" follows Tidus, a former blitzball star who's pulled away from his home when a giant monster named Sin attacks. He wakes up in a land called Spira and becomes a guardian for the summoner Yuna. Together, these two, along with Yuna's other guardians, travel across the islands of Spira. They visit temples which grant Yuna control over spiritual creatures called Aeons if you can solve their puzzles, allowing the team to gather power along the way for the final battle against Sin.

Like all "Final Fantasy" games, "FF10" isn't short. Don't expect to just pick it up and plow your way through it in a day or two. There's lots of exploration to do, puzzles to solve, levels to grind, and rare items for those dedicated enough to find them. Beating the game takes a while. A completionist run takes a lot longer.

Time to beat Final Fantasy 10

There's no denying that there's plenty to do in "Final Fantasy 10." Even the shortest runs are going to span dozens of hours, but players who want to find the Celestial Weapons, earn all of the optional Aeons, dominate the blitzball arena, and face the Dark Aeons are going to experience a big difference in time from those who just wish to finish the campaign.

How Long To Beat cites "Final Fantasy 10" as averaging 46 hours for the main story, 70.5 hours for the main game and primary bonus content, and 149 hours for a full completionist run. These times match up pretty well with those reported by Game8. They claim it takes 40-60 hours for a story run and 90-180 hours for a completionist run. Game8 defines a completionist run as "maxing out the Sphere Grid, capturing all monsters, unlocking the Celestial Weapons, unlocking all Aeons, defeating the Dark Aeons, defeating the Arena Monsters, and defeating Penance."

On Gamefaqs, JustinFF reported his list of bonus content, which included more than what was listed by Game8. He claims it takes 50-60 hours for a basic run and at least 140 hours for all of the extra content, especially since Penance is such a brutal optional boss.