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This Breath Of The Wild Chest Took 4 Years To Open

Dedicated fans of "Breath of the Wild" have found some pretty mind-blowing challenges over the years (or have created their own), but none have been quite as frustrating as the so-called "impossible chests." These treasures require the use of movement exploits and unique skill deployment to reach, but it appears that one gamer finally found the perfect combination of those skills to open what may the game's most inaccessible chest.

The hunt for impossible items has been going on since "Breath of the Wild" launched over four years ago. Barely a month after the critically acclaimed open-world adventure was released in March 2017, fans posted a roundup of impossible-to-reach treasure chests on Reddit. These chests were revealed by the Sheikah Sensor, which allowed fans to come up with the complete list, but each had either a glitch or placement error that prevented players from reaching them through normal means.

Trying to reach one of those chests, which spawned just east of Aris Beach, soon became a point of particular frustration and fascination for fans on Reddit. The chest appeared in a position that was below the game map, making it physically impossible to approach. To make it even more complicated, the chest's otherworldly location meant that it would immediately begin to fall and disappear within seconds of entering the player's line of vision, but one gamer on YouTube finally figured out a way to crack it open.

Complex map movement was the key

YouTuber Kleric recorded their journey to open the Aris Beach chest, and doing so took skills far beyond what the game normally requires. After explaining the fundamental challenges behind accessing the chest, including the fact that its position makes it technically impossible to even see, he documents his first gambit: placing a frozen Crynois block in an underwater air pocket ... and then falling off it for five hours to get below the top water layer.

Kleric then swam through the game world from his new subterranean position, although he could not even see where Link was heading. Despite those challenges, Kleric managed to maneuver under the chest without spawning, then placed another Crynosis block to catch it when it did fall.

Once Kleric spawned the chest, they were able to pull it onto the Crynnosis block using Magnesis. The next step was to drown Link, making him visible again. Once Kleric made their way back to the chest, they used Revali's Gale to get above the chest and hit it with more than 30 arrows while in slow motion to push it towards a previously-placed bomb. 

When the chest finally arrived at the bomb, it detonated, rocketing the object towards Kleric to finally open. The reward for all that effort? Why, nothing more than a single piece of amber — although Kleric did call it "the coolest piece of Amber I've ever received in this game."