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Corpse Husband Vents About His Greatest Fear

The ever-elusive Corpse Husband is well-known for his honesty, particularly when it comes to sharing many of his struggles — both related to his mental and physical health — with his throngs of dedicated fans. He's also opened up quite frequently about how scared he is of being identified in the real world. During a recent stream, he elaborated on these fears.


In a clip captured and uploaded to YouTube by the CorpseFans account, the faceless streamer opened up about just how fearful he is of having his true identity exposed. Specifically, Corpse admitted that he's terrified of the idea of someone yelling his real name outside of his window. He went on to explain that he's also scared of the idea of "someone [walking] by and [yelling] their address" and then his doorbell ringing.

"If someone's gonna go through every house and ring every doorbell and wait til they hear mine on stream," he said grimly, "it's a rational fear." To be fair, Corpse seemed to be making this claim at least somewhat sarcastically, and fellow streamer Valkyrae joined in the gag by admitting that "it's possible," despite how outrageous the scenario sounded. 


Still, Corpse's meteoric rise in popularity following the success of his "Among Us" streams and music career has more or less set the internet on fire. As such, the idea of a malicious super-fan attempting to expose Corpse is not out of the realm of possibility.

This isn't the first time Corpse Husband has opened up about his fears

Anyone attempting to shield their true identity from the public can likely understand Corpse's fears — fears that Corpse has never shied away from discussing openly. During an interview with fellow YouTuber Anthony Padilla, Corpse claimed that the way he expresses himself to people in his personal life has been affected by his online persona, since, ironically, opening up about any specific personal details in real life might expose his true identity.


He admitted, "I can't be authentic with people in my personal life because I was too authentic with people online." He added, "I'm just so unapologetically myself that it kind of hurts to, like, not be myself [to] any degree." Despite his apprehensions, however, the popular YouTuber has acknowledged that his real-life identity will be exposed eventually.

In an Instagram Q&A posted in February of this year, Corpse was asked by one of his fans why he wouldn't reveal his face. He responded, "Realistically, it'll happen, inevitably against my will." He went on to claim that "people's expectations at this point are ridiculous and unachievable."

Corpse Husband's fanbase has proven time and time again that they love Corpse for who he is — and that they respect his privacy. If Corpse does ever decide to reveal his identity to the internet, it'll hopefully be on his own terms, and preferably not because someone went ringing on every doorbell in his neighborhood.