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Corpse Husband Opens Up About How Social Media Affects Him

Corpse Husband has gained steam as one of the most popular faceless streamers in the biz. That popularity — which has been boosted by high-profile Among Us streams and music videos — also comes an expectation to perform and be available to one's audience. As it turns out, Corpse Husband may wish that he was even more offline than he already is. He recently told fans on Twitter that the expectations of being extremely online have caused a bit of physical distress for him.


On March 29, Corpse Husband tweeted, "every time I get a smidgen of slumber I wake up with heart palpitations [before] running to my PC to see if people on the internet still like me."

Commiserating with Corpse Husband was fellow YouTuber JackSepticEye, with whom Corpse has a pretty strong relationship. In response to Corpse's tweet about social media, Jack wrote, "Staying off social media more and more helped me a LOT with that. I know exactly what it feels like."

Corpse responded by telling Jack that he actually "partially" stayed off of social media for about two days, but that didn't seem to help. According to Corpse, this brief break just made him feel worse, as he was "stressed out from not working the entire f***ing time[.]"


In other words, Corpse appears to have something of a love/hate relationship with social media. As he explained to Anthony Padilla in a recent interview, his most viral tweet was literally made to troll his haters, which amused him. And while Corpse clearly appreciates his fanbase (which he has credited with saving his life), the very nature of having a high profile on the internet has been taxing for him.

Corpse Husband has been very up front with his fans about his struggles with anxiety. In the past, he's explained several tragic details with his followers and interviewers, including the fact that his social anxiety mostly keeps him from leaving his house. Corpse's anxiety and self-image are also major contributing factors in his decision to hide his real face from the camera. 

On the bright side, Corpse's fans were quick to weigh in with some kind words in response to his tweets about social media. Several people simply stopped in to let him know that "people on the internet" do, in fact, still like him. Others encouraged him to take all the time he needed to de-stress. It remains to be seen if Corpse will truly take a longer break from social media, but it seems like his fans would be more than willing to wait for him.