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Pokimane Accidentally Kicked Off A Gross New Streaming Trend

Pokimane didn't mean to spark a conversation about authenticity and online personas when she gave fans a tour of her room, but that's exactly what happened. The tour came as Pokimane prepared to move out of the house she shared with several other streamers. The video acted as something of a farewell to her old space, which she could now reveal to viewers without concerns for her privacy. Following this tour, other streamers began showing off their digs. However, in stark contrast to Pokimane's initial clip, some of the rooms featured left fans feeling a little queasy at how their favorite streamers live.

The room that kicked off the trend looked immaculate. Pokimane showed viewers around her spacious living area, which included an elaborate PC setup, decorative background for streaming, tidily made bed, and two organized closets. Even Pokimane's cat Mimi had multiple cat trees and water fountains, all color coordinated to Pokimane's decorations. While Pokimane didn't say her room was always so clean, and while she did acknowledge she'd be moving in a matter of days, other streamers decided to show their own spaces in an effort to prove the authenticity of how they really live.

xQc, who recently moved to Canada amidst concerns for his safety, showed off his temporary living space after watching Pokimane's tour. The impromptu showcase shocked fans, who noted that xQc's room was rather messy and sparse. One commenter pointed out that xQc was a multimillionaire living like a messy college student, while another wondered why xQc couldn't just buy a trash can, as his desk was piled up with food wrappers and drinks.

xQc as a problem with Pokimane's room

xQc argued out that Pokimane's tour was performative, and questioned her honesty. He said that the beautiful view Pokimane gave into her world wasn't real, and that roommates inevitably have issues with each other. xQc noted that LA is crowded, full of smog, and that close living quarters generally breed drama. 

Nick Polom had a more level view of Pokimane's tour, and said that while streaming, performing is the top priority, not cleanliness. Polom showed his room after a 12 hour "Rust" session, highlighting his messy desk. After all, streamers need to eat, too, and 12 hours would be an unreasonable time to go without food. Polom's tour also showed support streamers like xQc and Asmongold, who fans criticized after seeing the stacks of food wrappers and half-eaten sandwiches that littered their rooms. 

Given the toxic messages Pokimane receives regularly, it's unsurprising that others would criticize her for the tidy state of her room. It's probably unfair for fans to expect all streamers to maintain perfect rooms, but it's also strange that streamers would criticize each other for cleanliness, especially when Pokimane's tour didn't call out any other streamers. Regardless, the seemingly innocuous tour of Pokimane's space has prompted multiple streamers like xQc to reveal themselves to viewers — who mercilessly commented on how "actually disgusting" their rooms seemed.