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Corpse Husband Has 900K Twitch Followers And He's Never Used It

Corpse Husband has taken the internet by storm ever since his "Among Us" streams blew up, and he has gained even more attention through billboard-topping songs like "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life!" In recent months, the faceless YouTuber has put streaming on the back burner in favor of creating music, but his latest Twitch milestone might just change that.

Considering his massive popularity, you may be surprised to learn that Corpse Husband hasn't streamed on Twitch at all. However, the Twitch account he created for himself 10 months ago has gained over 900,000 followers just by existing. Upon realizing this, Corpse thanked his fans on Twitter, announcing that he plans to stream on the platform "later this month" after he's finished some music. He mentioned that he'll probably be "Just Chatting" during his inaugural Twitch stream, but he still asked for some recommendations on games to play.

For fans, this was exciting for a number of reasons. Not only does this mean that Corpse Husband will be back to livestreaming and interacting with fans in that way, but it basically confirms that Corpse's new music will be coming out in the near future. While Corpse Husband has recently tweeted (and deleted) some new music teasers that sent fans over the moon, it's been a bit since fans have gotten fully-fledged new songs. Basically, it's a very good time to be a fan of Corpse Husband.

Fans are all in on Corpse Husband's Twitch future

When it came to games that Corpse should play during his first Twitch stream, fans had a ton of different ideas. Of course, he could always go back to playing the old standby of "Among Us," but it looks like the internet star wants to try something else.

User @a1ienrat had some game ideas that included "Spore," "Slime Rancher," and even "The Sims 4." "The Sims 4" was a popular choice, and several fans as several mentioned it to Corpse in the replies. There were also some recommendations for first-person shooters like "Valorant" and "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive," which would certainly make for an interesting change of pace from Corpse's usual fare.

No matter what game he ends up playing, fans have high hopes for Corpse's Twitch success. Twitter user @h7une commented with some lofty goals for Corpse: "I can't believe the world record for most concurrent viewers on Twitch is gonna be broken later this month." 

Based off of the fan reactions alone, it's clear that Corpse Husband's first Twitch stream is going to be something of an event, and fans couldn't be more thrilled.