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How Corpse Husband Got A Billboard In Times Square

An ad for Corpse Husband's "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life" popped up on a billboard in Times Square on March 6, 2021, bringing even more attention to the YouTuber's rising success. After winning a Twitter competition that Gymshark created, the up-and-coming musician's support dominated the thread.


On Feb. 11, 2021, GymShark gave Twitter users three days to comment and gain the most likes for a spot on a billboard in Times Square. Corpse Husband got in on the action the first day, and his massive fanbase was quick to offer support. GeorgeNotFound, another popular YouTuber, helped Corpse Husband out by tweeting, "omg it makes a cool sound when you like corpse's tweet!" Of course, there were no special sound effects, but Corpse Husband went with the funny joke.

There was only one other Tweet that Corpse Husband was realistically up against, and it was from YouTuber Schlatt. His tweet simply said, "I like men." The Twitter comments got nasty as the battle for the billboard drew to a close and the two Tweets were in close competition. People said that Corpse Husband's music was bad, while others called out Schlatt fans for having no humor. When Corpse Husband tweeted the picture of Times Square with his billboard, fans like beauty YouTuber James Charles were quick to celebrate in the Twitter feed. However, the original drama between Schlatt fans came back up as passionate fans continued to speak out against Corpse Husband. Even as fans went wild, both Corpse Husband and Schlatt stayed out of the arguments.


According to Dexerto, the billboard caused Corpse Husband to trend on Twitter, which brought him even more attention. The song advertised on the billboard, "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life," gained a great deal of popularity in 2020 through TikTok. When it hit Spotify, the song brought in over 100 million listens in less than a month. Corpse Husband also mentioned that the success of the song "shook the industry," especially since he had been warned that the song may not do well. Now that "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life" has ben displayed on a Times Square billboard, perhaps the industry has been "shaken" even more. 

Corpse Husband's popularity has grown more through 2021 despite his refusal to show his face and his health issues that have made him consider quitting streaming. The excitement over his Times Square billboard shows that his star is still rising.