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Corpse Husband's Deleted Tweet Sends Fans Over The Moon

At this point, Corpse Husband has made breaking the internet an art form. From a "Resident Evil Village" stream sponsored by Capcom to an appearance on a Times Square billboard, the gravelly-voiced, faceless YouTuber has exploded in popularity. While the former creepypasta narrator has been focusing on making music — with his video game streaming slowing to a trickle — he's also been keeping a tight lid on whatever it is he's been working on. Fortunately for fans, the ever-elusive artist recently showed off a snippet of a new song — only to quickly delete it.

While the tease only lasts a few seconds, it's clear that the currently unnamed track boasts Corpse's signature moody and aggressive industrial vibes. Since this is the internet, where the expression "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" doesn't apply, some detractors were quick to poke fun at the lyrics, which they perceived to be overly edgy. Still, hardcore fans of the musician were elated by the thought of new music from the YouTuber, and many took to a YouTube upload of the track to sing its praises. 

Corpse Husband might keep his face hidden, but he's never shied away from revealing his past struggles in his music — and his latest unnamed track appears to be no exception. At one point in the song, for instance, he raps, "We are not the same, I dropped out in seventh grade," an experience he's spoken about in an interview with Anthony Padilla.

Corpse Husband has been experimenting with his sound

Although Corpse Husband, a musician who has collaborated with the likes of Machine Gun Kelly on the bombastic track "Daywalker!," is known for his aggressive industrial hip-hop sound, he's never hesitated to experiment with his music. While tracks like his 2020 song "Agoraphobic" toy with the idea of a more chill, lo-fi sound, Corpse recently released what he is humorously calling "CORPSE Singing in a High Pitched Voice for 1 Hour," and to say that it's a departure from his signature sound would be an understatement.

The track — which is basically just a one-hour loop — swaps out Corpse's typical sound for what can be best described as relaxing, ethereal lo-fi. It sounds nothing like the other music he's released, and it shows off just how musically talented and versatile the young musician really is. As one might expect, fans were also blown away by the surprising song, and its YouTube comments section is a testament to that. One user summed up the shocking gentleness of the song, writing, "Honestly, this is something I didn't know I needed in my life up until now."

Corpse's fandom is infamously wholesome, something that's reflected in his track's comments. One user even commented on this, writing, "When all the top comments are paragraphs long of love, you know you've fostered a great community. Well done Corpse."

Corpse Husband's fans obviously enjoy his more aggressive music, but it seems that the musician has been experimenting with new sounds more than ever before — and the internet is vibing to it.