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Warzone Cheaters Are Getting Incredibly Bold

There's no denying that Call of Duty: Warzone has a hacker problem. For many players, the abundance of cheaters has ruined the battle royale. It's such a problem that some major content creators have weighed in, such as NickMercs, who unloaded on Warzone's developers after he felt they failed to address the issue. Unfortunately, Call of Duty cheaters continue to spread like a virus, leaving many innocent gamers at their mercy. What's worse, these malefactors aren't afraid of the consequences of their actions.


On Twitter, a content creator by the name of Yungstaz6 shared clips from his stream where he encountered a rather bold cheater. This hacker donned an unusual piece of equipment that served no other purpose than to call attention to the wearer. The cheater in question wore a pair of night-vision goggles. In response, Yungstaz6 said, "he's doing it in style."

After the match, everyone in the lobby was eager to speak with the bold hacker. Not only was he changing his name on the fly, but he revealed that he'd had his account for five months. This astonished others in the lobby, as they were shocked that he had managed to avoid punishment that long for his devious behavior. Following this revelation, one of the participants asked if the hacker thought he might get banned, to which he responded "I don't care if I get [banned]."


Indeed, such an attitude reveals that there's an entirely different goal when playing as a cheater. With tools like aimbots removing skill from the equation, one can conclude that many cheaters have their fun by hacking the game and frustrating other players. It makes sense, in that case, that a hacker would find a calling card to taunt others in a match.

Many on Twitter are understandably frustrated. One user wrote, "I get my account stolen and shadow banned.. but we got ppl like this still playing..smh," while another claimed, "@RavenSoftware doesn't even care about hackers. They just care about making it LOOK like they care."

Activision and Raven Software clearly have their work cut out for them. If Warzone cheaters have made it their mission to find ways to disrupt matches, the developers are going to have a tough time getting this hacker problem under control. Until that happens, the future of Call of Duty: Warzone may seem uncertain, however, it remains a highly popular battle royale game.