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Pokemon Fan Perfectly Captures These Special Moves

"Pokémon" fan art has been an exciting part of the fan experience since the franchise launched. People who love Game Freak's adorable cavalcade of pocket monsters have been illustrating their own visions of them ever from the moment "Pokémon Red/Blue" hit the scene in 1998. But every once in a while, an artist comes along with a unique vision that allows viewers to see their favorite Pokémon in a brand new light. Some have opted for hyper realism, others have embraced the fantasy elements of the world, and some have made creepy cakes out of the creatures. Fan artist Jhay Alejo decided to focus on illustrating them in the middle of some of their most iconic attacks, and the results are pretty fantastic.

Alejo posted six images to Reddit under the headline "I drew some Pokémon doing some Moves." These pieces of impressive fan art showcase Pokemon from the first two generations of the series doing some of their most recognizable special attacks: In the first, Beedrill is performing it's infamous Twin Needle attack in the first, with radiant purple lances extending from its arms, wreathed in noxious green vapor. The second is a Kingler performing its Crabhammer attack, slamming its limb down in a splash of water. There is also Mewtwo performing Psystrike, Skarmory using Steel Wing, Hitmontop doing its Triple Kick, and Ho-Oh radiating Sacred Fire from its wings. 

Each image also features descriptions of the Pokémon and breakdowns of the moves, including its attack type and Battle Points.

JhayAlejo's other work

Users on Reddit loved Jhay Alejo's post, giving it 98% upvotes and leaving over 200 comments of praise in just the first day. One user even asked the artist's permission to get a tattoo of one of the illustrations. As fans of Pokemon artwork may already know, this isn't JhayAlejo's first time dipping their toes into the world of "Pokémon" fan art.

Alejo has made several Marvel/Pokémon crossover posts in the past, drawing Scizor as Iron Man in anticipation of "Avengers: Endgame" and creating Pokémon versions of the primary casts of both "WandaVision" and "Falcon and the Winter Soldier." Alejo's other crossovers have included mashups of Pokemon with "Demon Slayer" and "Resident Evil Village."

However, Alejo's best-known work might be illustrations of different kinds of "Eeveelutions." Alejo has made several posts on Reddit that depict Eevee evolving into various elemental types (and dual-types) not featured in any of the games. For example, Jaggeon is a rock-type Eevee, Magmeon is rock-fire, and Reefeon is a water-rock type. Alejo has also done entire collections of electric, ghost, and dragon-type variations, and has created an entire Patreon account devoted to creating new Eeeveelutions.