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Snoop Dogg's Stream Gives Fans The Silent Treatment

If there's one thing that fans have come to expect from Snoop Dogg's three decades as one of the world's most famous entertainers, it's probably sound. That is precisely what his latest Twitch stream lacked when the 49-year-old rapper logged on to share another session of his favorite game, "Madden 21," with fans.

Fans could tell something was off when Snoop started up his Twitch broadcast. As he played through an hour-long virtual football game as the New York Jets against the San Francisco 49ers, watchers desperately tried to let him know that the sound was not coming through. Unfortunately, Snoop had the default chat functions turned off, meaning viewers could only communicate through emojis. While some made a valiant effort, such as LethalJesterr, by the time Snoop celebrated his first touchdown by sparking up a joint, it became apparent that things were not going to get any louder.

This was not Snoop's first Twitch mishap in recent history, although the frequency of these oddball streams seems to be increasing — almost making it seem like a new twist on the "Madden" curse.

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to technical difficulties on Twitch

Before diving any deeper, it is worth noting that the internet has generally decided that the relatively scandal-free, congenial, and community-positive rapper can do whatever he wants, and if that includes smoking weed in silence, then so be it. One recent meme on Reddit even suggested that Snoop Dogg has finished the main game of life and is now completing side quests.

However, this is far from the first odd Twitch steam Snoop Dogg has shared with his avid followers. A few days prior, another "Madden 21" stream featured plenty of sound from the game itself, but no video of Snoop playing the game and, once again, no audio from the famous rapper that fans likely logged in to hear. Beyond that, PC Gamer also recounted a now-deleted stream in which the rapper quit "Madden 21" about 14 minutes into the game only to keep the broadcast running for a solid seven hours.

All of that said, Snoop's Twitch channel, Doggydogg20, is labeled with a disclaimer of sorts that reads, "It's a chill vibe in here. I don't stream like everyone else just vibe." Fans of the famous performer, and weird Twitch streams in general, have certainly been getting a different vibe from Snoop's channel lately.